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  1. Andreas you do have a point, and I now I agree with you, you made me happier now
  2. Hey, you can't say you never had a complaint before (yes it is human nature, and you probably have complained about something on Vatsim in the past before or in life), we are all here expressing how it was too. Your gonna see other pilots complain too not just me in this event. If you were in my shoes the CTP event you probably would not be talking the way you are right now. Two peoples already compared me to another person with a speech problem, well guess what I do not have that, but just because someone has problems does not always mean they need to be praised all the time because they were
  3. Not going to sit here and try to convince you to continue flying on VATSIM. If THIS is the thing that upsets you enough to the point of wanting to quit VATSIM entirely... well.... bye... It does not really upset me te fact that I am delayed only by minutes but when it is a delay for an Hour or two and I am departing 50 minutes behind for what I booked it is not cool, I whent through all the hazel to book something that would not even do very much to me, as the departure was not on scheduled when It should of been and the fact that the When I needed help from some of the SUP they were use
  4. This was the worst ever thing I have flown with on Vatsim, all the things that happen makes me want not to fly ever again on the network. The first thing was that I took off 50 minutes behind schedule from my booked slot. Then more into the ride almost all oceanic controllers ignored me and I contacted them by Text, Voice, and PM and got almost not a single response from any of those controllers. Some of the BOS controllers thought I was voice capable when I specifically files (TEXT ONLY) They did not even try to use text to see if I am still there. I had to PM one of them to ask them why I ne
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