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  1. Updates for all interested, and thank you so very much, each and every one of you, for your responses. The overall vibe conveyed by these responses is one of, frankly, compassion and validation, which can sometimes appear in short supply when on the internet. Please note that back in 2016, I'd already received a CID and was already assigned to NYARTCC (at www.nyartcc.org) and further to EWR, Newark-Liberty International Airport in RIdgefield, NJ. Fun fact: Until July 31, 2016, I had direct line of sight from my bedroom in Brooklyn, NY to the northernmost edge of the airfield at that very
  2. Howdy folks. As a prologue, I'll explain up front that I'm aware that my next step is to wait for replies to some of the emails I've sent, and that patience will prove to be valuable. I'm a noob at this. I have no direct aviation experience, but I do have some real world experience that I would describe as "aviation adjacent," and I'm fully eager to commit to training and to actively learn more by becoming knowledgeable and practiced here on Vatsim. For the moment, I've decided to start with pursuing ATC over pursuing piloting, and I decide that for a combination of overlapping reasons.
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