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  1. Ok. Is there any routes then which have a maximum flight level like fl240 or fl260 in this division?
  2. Ive been through everything but honestly didnt see anything
  3. good day. i just started at the at the middle east region and want to prepare myself atc wise. i am struggling to locate the maximum allowable flight levels from OMDB to other airports in the division. can someone maybe help please
  4. thank you for all the replies. Kieran, you abolutely nailed it.
  5. Thanx Michael for the reply. At this moment i am also interested in a division change and am not sure how to do that. any help regarding this?
  6. Good day.I am looking for some advice and guidance in this matter. i am currently in the Southern Africa( South Africa) division. also holding a s2 rating. my concern at this moment is the following... due to the current traffic volume we have here which is almost non existing i am finding it almost impossible to have sufficient atc training and experience. i am therefor requiring how to go about to effect a change to a European division where there is always a bigger traffic volume. i would like to do the s3 rating but i cannot see it happen in this division. any advice in this matter would
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