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  1. Okay, I will ask our chief to ask the Regional VP. An yes, this answers my question to the extent whether its allowed or not. Thx.
  2. @Matthew Bartels Thanks for your response, I really appreciate it! That definitely clarified some things for me. Well, I understand your approach now : ). But honestly, when thinking about it globally and keeping in mind that some controllers work outside the limits defined in the AfV manual, I see that there have to be precise rules. How was it distributed? Via mail, discord, etc? I'm asking because our division director did not receive the draft. That's great news! Does this mean, that some of the restrictions may be lifted, once pseude stations are fu
  3. Hi there, with disappointment I have read the newest Policy regarding ATC Frequency Management. There is a few things I’d like to mention to express my opinion on this topic, but first I’d like to say that I am thankful for a policy which finally regulates frequency usage globally. A document like this is long overdue and has been needed. However: Information and discussion The Policy has been posted by a bot on the VATEMEA Discord at 00:18 german time. It has been night in the most part of Europe. I woke up to a lot of messages from our vACC’s member and was overwhelmed
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