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  1. All too often I find it impossible to understand controllers because of distortion caused by mics being too close to their mouth. If you have a headset mic it should not be directly in front of your mouth but rather it should be around the cheek area to avoid distortion and breath noises.
  2. I just did my very first VFR VATSIM flight from Bowerman to Seatle (in theory!). Very, very nervous and did everything correctly except landing at the correct airport!! Landed at Auburn instead of Seatle! Well the controller did say 34R and it is definitely right of KSEA! Anyway the controller was excellent and told me that I was well short of KSEA but I [Mod - Happy Thoughts]ured him I was down and parked! I didn't catch his name but thank you very much for not shouting at me! I have to say that VATSIM does add an awful lot to the experience of flightsim and thank you to all the people th
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