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  1. Hi Thanks for your reply:) I found that the user Wenlue just mentioned has correct hours now, but some user (including me, 1356779) still got the controller's hour months ago (In fact, if you check my atc hours, you can find I got correct S2 and S3 hours but incorrect C1 hours because I haven't login as S2/S3 anymore). Is that possible to run the script to correct everyone's hour? thx Alan
  2. Hi Ryan, It seems I still get the wrong data after the update today, is that not deployed to the server now? Cheers, Alan
  3. 😄Got it! Thanks again for the new APIs, really help us a lot for our web services
  4. I just found that the Rating Times API(https://api.vatsim.net/api/ratings/{id}/rating_times/) and the statistics center (https://stats.vatsim.net/) have different return values. For example, the Controller time is 3667:59 while the API returns the atc time 3546.72, so I'm wondering is the rating time api have some latency on updating times?
  5. Hi, I'm trying to use vATIS these days since the AFV atis robot is not working. I have to say it's great and I really love the feature that controllers can choose the TTS engines they want. However, I found that when the wind in METER is in MPS, the FULL_WX_STRING in ATIS message still shows KT though the main interface of vATIS shows correct unit.
  6. World Flight is one of the greatest global events on VATSIM, and this year, we are delighted to know that four airports in our airspace, Lhasa Gonggar(ZULS), Chengdu Shuangliu(ZUUU), Kunming Changshui(ZPPP) and Guangzhou Baiyun(ZGGG) are selected to be featuring airports. Our well-trained controller team provided full ATC services covering all the scheduled route! Thanks all ATCs and pilots, and wish you enjoy the World Flight 2019!
  7. 2019/09/21 | Jeju - Nanjing | ZSNJ_APP 2019/10/19 | Shenzhen - Sanya | ZJSA_CTR 2019/11/02 | Chengdu - Lhasa | ZUUU_CTR Enjoy~
  8. I want to develop my ATC tools, and I have learned how to connect it to Euroscope's Proxy. However, VATSIM Code Of Conduct says , so can I use Proxy to connect my own software?
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