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  1. I disagree. "Invalid CID/password" is a bad error code if neither the CID nor the password is invalid.
  2. Are you using any plugins? If so: disable all of them, see if it still crashes. If it doesn't add them back in one by one until it starts crashing again to figure out which plugin is responsible.
  3. I don't think so, and I think that is by design.
  4. You definitely want to convert it to SCT. The sct holds all the information about how things are drawn (e.g. "the runway has these four corners and the interior is grey" or "these lines make up all the taxiways"). The ASR only holds information about which of these elements should be displayed (e.g. "just the runway", "just the taxiways" or "both"). The ASR cannot work without the lines in the SCT because it does not contain any information about what the items it asks the program to display look like.
  5. CPT = Controller Practical Test, GCAP refers to this as "practical examination".
  6. The way VATSIM's single-frequency coupling (and by extension also the douplex coupling) works is (in most situations) physically impossible, and therefore unrealistic even for places that do couple frequencies together (which is most places during times of low traffic) πŸ˜‰
  7. So much trouble CTR-controllers can avoid by just turning on XC... (Yes, I know it's not realistic, but guess what, IRL CTR controllers don't provide top-down service for major airfields or cover sectors the size of Texas by themselves.)
  8. I usually see "being as inclusive as possible" given as the reason for banning local language proficiency requirements. My inquiry is also related to the question "Can you demand a controller learn the local non-English phraseology?" - which is something currently implemented in some places (while other places are told they could not implement such rules).
  9. Simple answer: The problem hasn't been resolved yet.
  10. Can't you essentially get this with the new policy by not adding controllers to the roster after step 3? I don't know if this would still be a possibility for "new" S1 students, but we will definitely have a bunch of old S1s that we'll deal with that way.
  11. Not if all the training, documents, inter-controller communication and communication with pilots is not available in English.
  12. Maybe you should check with the GCAP team and/or VATUSA first to see if they are even interested in your potential proposal before spending time on it πŸ˜‰
  13. Personally I don't really care if we allow or disallow such restrictions. What I care about is there being a concise rule. I understand that we want VATSIM to be as inclusive as possible - and having to learn Japanese to control in Japan (because the documents aren't available in English and some of the pilots don’t speak English) is not that. I also understand that there are some pilots who have a hard time communicating with a controller who cannot speak their native language. Furthermore we also have to acknowledge that VATSIM Japan is not only the Division controlling Japan - it
  14. Contact https://support.vatsim.net/. They will be able to help you πŸ™‚
  15. It is still quite weird that in order to do that (on Sweatbox) you have to set your rating to S3 (as Sweatbox won't let you start sessions with a lower rating). But I guess we have gotten a bit off-topic, haven't we πŸ˜„
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