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  1. Let me guess: you did not install it, but unziped the latest beta - meaning you are missing the Euroscope font. Check %windir%\Fonts for EuroScope.ttf, and if it is missing use the installer before switching to the latest beta. If it is not missing I have no idea what is wrong with it 😄
  2. Just use the PIMON1Q arrival (not depicted on one of the charts you posted), which ends at WW533. If you want to use PIMON1A you'll have to go for the ILS X RWY 33 (not depicted here either) which has MOF as its IAF.
  3. https://www.vatsim.net/pilot-resource-centre/general-lessons/choosing-equipment-code will have all the information you are looking for (here's to hoping we'll get a proper ICAO style flightplan implementation sometime soon 😄)
  4. (To say something on topic: Andreas' recommendations are great. Just stay away from any airport with London in the name for the time being and you should be good :))
  5. We also have this, which only shows primary sectors, but should give you a good idea.
  6. .inf is nice to check whether a pilot is just afk/not listening for their callsign or has decided to tune 122.8 because they thought they'd already left your sector or whatever goes through their head when they just leave your frequency without being told to...
  7. I read the title and was already getting excited about staffing all the EDYY sectors 😄
  8. My guess is you are meant to switch to VCCS, which has its own hardware setup.
  9. My guess: The controller has not enabled cross-coupling on their frequency and the other a/c are too far away or too low for you to hear them. Nothing can be done on your end to "fix" that.
  10. Check https://www.dutchvacc.nl/ for the sector file and more information on how to get started in EHAA
  11. This still poses a problem of sorts. VATSIM has always gone to great lengths to enable text pilots to fly on the network. People have proposed removing this option countless times and VATSIM has stood by their "we are being as inclusive as possible" policy time and time again. In the abscence of the ability to check the voice capabilities of other aircraft (an ability controllers have) it seems strange to go for a "we are [Mod - Happy Thoughts]uming every other aircraft is at least /r" policy on UNICOM. Or is it just accepted that 5-10% of pilots (this percentage is a wild guess) will not be a
  12. Nice to know. My answer came from Europe, where we use 3/A (ALT OFF) on the ground and switch it to mode C on line-up (TA/RA).
  13. Swift already has released an alpha with AFV support: https://dev.swift-project.org/phame/post/view/17/swift_and_afv/ If you don't like the WINE solution that will be your best bet for now. My understanding is that flying text only (using xSquawkbox and no AFV client) is absolutely possible (though certainly not desirable )
  14. As already described in other places: Swift full integration is only a few days/weeks away, as a matter of fact they have an alpha with AFV support out right now: https://dev.swift-project.org/phame/post/view/17/swift_and_afv/ And if you don't want to try that and/or it doesn't work properly people have had success running the standalone client using WINE - not the best solution, but surely not "the end for XPlane/MAC users on VATSIM" either
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