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  1. Reviving the thread lol. My question is about the ATIS. I see that S1 (ground and delivery) can now put up an ATIS. My question is technically ground and delivery don't own the runway so how can they choose the runways? Couldn't I technically still choose which runway I want to use?
  2. Getting rid of top-down coverage is a bad idea. We barely get staffed airports as it is. That would take the fun out of flying for the guys who try to keep it as close to read as possible. One thing we do need is a different ATC callsign. NY for instance ha controllers who log on and control the entire N90 tracon. a simple change to NY_APP would cut down on the confusion when one controller decides they just want to control one airport and the other wants to control all of them.
  3. It's been discussed very heavily about the lack of pilot standards and that should be addressed in some way. Maybe a short test or encouraging pilots to join Vatstar or both since Vatstar is volunteer run as well. There are a lot of members who dont fly because they dont know how Vatsim works. It seems like every week someone is asking how to Vatsim. There need to be something in place to familiarize then in the form of a video or a presentation. Most will not read through instructions on a website. I think there should be a rewrite to the b# to included the allowed 30 minutes away from yo
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