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  1. Try changing your push to talk key to a different key other than "return". Squawkbox probably thinks you are trying to talk when you press the enter button instead of sending a message. LMK.
  2. its the same with anyone here at kennedy who has updated their V-ATIS
  3. yeah all seems normal and good like before, its strange
  4. hey guys, my vatis updated and it is no longer getting the D-ATIS for KJFK. I dont know why i have tried to uninstall and re install and its not working. Wondering if anyone has any suggestions. thanks
  5. hey guys, i'm wanting to transfer over to vatsim UK, however there are currently no transfer places open. Does anyone know when these might become avaliable?
  6. Hi guys, I have about 100 hours on vat sim with xplane 10.45 and about a week ago I updated to the new 10.50 and so far every time I log onto squawkbox my game crashes. I have tried reinstalling everything and it did not work. Any help would be much appreciated.
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