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  1. I did not asked supervisor because I don't know how. I just want confurmation. My model matching never waited for 5 minutes to show other player's model. I want to know is there any reason for me to think I might get banned for this? That's why I osted those videos and images, so I can show my perspective.
  2. Today I got issue with some pilot, who asked me to move in middle of my preflight procedure.
  3. thx. I was going to get my first clearance for oceanic cross and for just a moment I were going to be called on supervisor. Well, That's what's happens when you do not know how to communicate.
  4. Well, we all have been there. Familiar, write? My question is - if my sim crushes on flight is that affects my licenses [ I have one, already]. And if I cancel my flight plan and do another flight afterwards is it possible to make myself bad repo.???
  5. Ya, I've noticed. Sorry for the inconvenience, I was unable to respond till now, I got issue - 24 hours no internet.
  6. Thx. Sorry for the misleading info. I do not understand it good still.
  7. 2 commands. I can give them here: --generic=socket,out,1,,1863,tcp,squawk --telnet=socket,in,1,,5900,tcp Also there was engaged MP before going into the simulator. That's may be the solution.
  8. The other guy told me that this will help fixing my location....... Weird.
  9. You can checkup if you want this topic: http://www.thejabberwocky.net/viewtopic.php?f=23&t=1032 The only else you need is VATSPY installed so you can inject the traffic in the sim. Good thing is that you connect's VATSIM and also FGMP at the same time. Which I found awesome.
  10. One guy helped. I were need one more program so I can run it. That's was the issue.
  11. Well, thx everyone for the support. good news! I am online!
  12. The program you are telling me about is not held the FG sim. I'll wait till tomorrow, I tough I will get good help. The guy is regular VATSIM user, he used to use it with FG and he knows how to connect it properly. Prob. he'll find what I am wrong. Thx for the replies, I really appreciate them.
  13. It's exactly SB 747, yes. Tomorrow I'll got some help from former FG vatsim user. Hope he'll fix it. BTW checkup your e-mail. You have an application.
  14. In the sim I was on EGLL, not in there. Just the connection is un issue. Prob. I did not configure it correctly.
  15. Sorry, mislead you. I were have a flight plan from EGLL to KSFO scheduled for today, 10:25 zulu. It Were putted me on Accra, Ghana area in the ocean.
  16. Well, I am connecting squawkbox with FG. The connection is established and I see I am located on the Uganda part from the Atlantic ocean. No ATC.
  17. Got issue connecting VATSIM 0 - it sended me in Uganda. No ATC. How should i solve this? I use SquawkBox 747.
  18. Thx for the reply. Vatsim.bet is unreachable, but I download and install EuroScope. So I have to wait???
  19. Hello, VATSIM network. I am happy that I can become a part of you. But I got some questions about connecting my account and starting ATC training. I have a small amount of experience as ATC on several airports in FlightGear Flight Simulator. But I want to learn and perform ATC sessions in a realistic way. So: 1. How can I connect my account to division? 2. What Software should I need? 3. I noticed that VATEUD is down. I can't go to the website currently. 4. Do I need a separate account if I previously [Mod - Happy Thoughts]igned as a pilot? I lost interest becoming a pilot, due to the
  20. hello, pilots. I try to use VATSIM on Flightgear. Is anyone know how to connect it there?
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