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  1. Pakistan vACC would like to invite you all to our latest event, The Independence on the 14th of August. Expect full airspace alive with top-down ATC on OPKC and OPIS. Fly to or from these airports to anywhere you feel like between 1500z – 1900z and enjoy top to down ATC. Giveaway Thanks to our friends at MSK and SimArc, we'll be holding a giveaway for those who fly during the event. More details can be found at https://vaccpak.com/14th-aug-the-independence/ Sceneries OPIS - P3D v4-v5 OPKC- P3D v4 OPKC - Xplane11
  2. I'm delighted to announce that @ali Abbas 1354425 has been appointed as ACCPAK2 - Director ATC Training in Pakistan vACC. He has previously served as Director Pilot training and also as ACCIND1. He has notable services as part of mentoring new students in the vACC. All the best Ali for your new role. Looking forward to work alongside you.
  3. This vacancy is now closed. Thanks to everyone who applied. Announcement regarding the new appointment will be made shortly.
  4. VATSIM Pakistan vACC is seeking application for the position of Director - ATC Training We are expecting the applicant to fulfill the following duties! Manage training schedule for new students Oversee ATC related tasks Make rules for local ATC training The applicant should fulfill the following requirements. Must hold a C1 rating or higher Have a sound understanding of the ATC procedures in Pakistan Regular online presence Atleast 5 hours of online presence per week for training tasks Having previous experience of ment
  5. It is to inform you that Mateen Ali (ACCPAK2) has resigned from his position of Director - ATC Training in Pakistan vACC due to real life commitments. He has also served the vACC as an Instructor and Acting Director since September last year. In the meantime, I will take charge as Acting Director - ATC Training while vacancies are announced in a few days. We wish him best of luck for the future!
  6. Thank you Mats and Chriss!! Looking forward to having a good time on the position.
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