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  1. By VP do you mean virtual pilots? If so then no single - or indeed group of other pilots are pilot in command of your aircraft. If there is no current controller covering the airspace of the airport in question then there is no specific runway in use. Yes: Virtual Pilot, not to be mistaken with Vice President! Was taking off from VHHH earlier on 07 with no ATC and 90 degree cross wind, and hence no bias for any runway but following my FS ATIS, to be told in no uncertain terms by another inbound aircraft that I should be using the 25 active runway as shown on FlightRadar24. That
  2. So what do we listen to and read on the screen when we tune in to ATIS on X-Plane, which includes METAR details and active runways for landing and take off? I'd [Mod - Happy Thoughts]umed that it was being sourced by VATSIM.
  3. Sorry, I should have been a bit clearer. The situation is when there is no active ATC at the airfield or airspace around it, thus there is no broadcast ATC ATIS and only the standard VATSIM ATIS.
  4. Which takes priority on VATSIM: active runways as specified by VATSIM ATIS or the active runways as shown by Flight Radar 24? Encountering many instances where VPs are trying to use live active runways when VATSIM ATIS shows different.
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