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  1. I don't think it's a administrator issue. I've been running with that on every time. I'm still not sure what the solution is on my side other than go get a PC haha.
  2. Hey Guys, Love the new CODEC. I have successfully controlled multiple times with the AFV thru Parallels on vSTARS and vERAM. The only complaint that I keep getting is that I sound I sound choppy to some pilots. Another controller in my facility is having the same issue using Parallels and controlling via a MAC. Has anyone else experienced similar issues? And do you have any suggestions? Thanks, Brogan
  3. Hey, I am running AFV through Parallels on a MAC. In the past I have had no problems with using arrow keys as PTT on VRC/vSTARS/vERAM. The AFV does not let me choose any of these buttons or even shift, tab, and control. In fact, the only buttons I have been able to choose are letters and characters that type on my scope or the ESC button. Any suggestions? Thanks, Audio is Fantastic!
  4. Hey guys, So I had an VFR aircraft departing a Bravo airport not wanting flight following. I gave him a discrete code and once he left the bravo told him to squawk and maintain VFR. My question is how do I drop or change the aircraft's beacon code to 1200? When I hit QB 1200 "target," vERAM responds "BCN CODE USED BY OTHER AC." Thanks. I appreciate the help. Brogan
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