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  1. In case this hits anyone else, the date/time format for the time_logon field has changed, at least to the point where our parsing code died. Just use Carbon::parse($variable['time_logon']) and it will work. https://github.com/czqoocavatsim/czqo-core/commit/de4bb2ad253167a0430f22623015da25490849fa (Not a breaking change don't worry Jelle lol)
  2. Good point, although I still believe people recording while not doing ATC would still be fine with 2020 bandwidth
  3. Restricting "spotting" in this case would also render all connections to record time-lapses/livestreams of events against the CoC, which I think we all can agree is not beneficial for the network. We're not in the days of dial-up and bad ADSL where idle connections hogging up bandwidth was actually an issue, so I don't see why we should continue to stop people from using the network in this way. Of course keep kicking actually AFK people to avoid planes taking up gates or whatever, but I think this is entirely harmless. Sure, but again, we (at least to my knowledge) have the bandwidth
  4. Make sure you have left the server on all possible accounts you have (including the account that is currently linked, and then click the Change Account button here. It should work. If you're not able to login to the currently linked Discord account, then try a password reset or whatever through Discord.
  5. We may look at creating extra training resources for our controllers on this topic so we're both equally as prepared for the possibility 😉
  6. I'm personally opposed to using just your CID on the network, or even hiding your last name too much. I agree that VATSIM's sense of community relies on knowing who people are, and being able to identify those people on a personal level. You can't do that with a string of 6 or 7 numbers - maybe the most you can do is figured out when they joined the network. However, especially in the age of increased privacy and the GDPR, I don't think it's reasonable to require that people expose their identity outside of the official CERT record. Some people simply don't want to be well known by their
  7. Yes of course, just let the controller know so he/she are aware of what your plans are 🙂
  8. If there is an RSS feed for events (not sure if it exists) you could hook that up to one of the Discord RSS bots
  9. I think calling people sir is weird but still fine, however I still don’t exactly have the confidence to correct someone on the network (especially considering my voice isn’t the best still) and have it actually mean anything
  10. This got a bit more heated than I expected, but anyway lol Simon you're absolutely correct. I agree, and I'm really thankful for the positive experiences I've had here even though I'm definitely a lot more out of the ordinary
  11. It's obviously going to be difficult for people who don't fit into the norm of who a flight simmer usually is. As someone who is a woman, and a transsexual one at that who is still transitioning, the overly-masculine culture around this can absolutely make it harder to feel like I belong here. I think there are two things off the top of my head that could make it better: * We should stop defaulting to he/him pronouns when talking generally about users of this platform. Not only is this inclusive, but it is common sense to use they/them when generalising. For example, "he called the control
  12. As others said before, ignore the CoR - S1's are allowed to setup an ATIS. However as they don't control the runways, it's just going to be a recommendation for what runways to use.
  13. People will of course reconnect anyway, and it's more than reasonable in the situation you just described while the logic is still being fixed. I'd normally agree that this should be an education issue but warnings had been issued for a while prior to this change - let's wait for the fixes, and see what happens next I think.
  14. I figured that final approach was one of the worst times for this simulation rate issue to occur regardless, it wouldn't really make sense to mask it then rather than say during cruise. Also yeah, as Ross said, it's not really "dangerous". Just reconnect on the ground as you should do if you encounter issues on approach.
  15. Hi all, CZQO recently held an executive meeting for Q1 2019. The minutes are available at https://czqo.vatcan.ca/minutes Enjoy
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