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  1. As I mentioned twice before in this thread, none of these software workarounds work for me. It is as if it ignores any & all software values entirely.
  2. I hate to ask this again, but is there any status update on this issue? Flying the Cross The Land event, I had to ask the same controller three times in a row to repeat himself departing Dubai after having to physically throw my headphones off my ears. This also happened twice more in the span of five minutes transiting Tehran Radar. I have said it before & I will say it again. NONE of the workarounds mentioned in this thread, nor elsewhere do anything. Not turning down the gain to 0, a negative number, lowering the actual pilot client audio in the OS, using third-party software mixer
  3. Any update on the AFV Rx volume blowing itself out that's been an issue being fixed? I've just had it five times in the last hour while flying KPHL-KATL tonight. It physically hurts. I've tried to mitigate it by dropping the pilot client gain down super low, lowering the pilot client software volume, and lowering the input gain to OBS for my stream, and AFV seems to completely overrule these settings. It's always the same EXTREMELY high gain blowout, and ignores my gain/volume settings in anything. It's honestly getting ridiculous at this point after a year. If I'm being honest, the
  4. I agree that the word Lottery is used under the "Slot Allocation" section is there. However, the way the post was worded can be read as to imply that you are entering a lottery by selecting three city-pair options, and that you would get one of those selections given to you at random. Nowhere does it say that users that entered this system specifically would potentially get flat-out denied a slot. The final sentence at the end of that section, which does say that users who are unable to secure a slot this year will be prioritized next year, also does not specify that this also includes the lot
  5. Yeah, I made my post here, but then figured the Discord would be faster (which it was!) Appreciate your quick answer there. Have a good day!
  6. Just my two cents as somebody that did not get a slot this time around, and is OK with it, and understands the logistics of it, but; When entering my three options I would like to fly CTP for, the website very clearly calls them RESERVATIONS. Going off of that, I think it would have been fair to assume that one of those three options could have been given to the user, inside or outside the time slots they chose just going by the wording the website used. In-fact, as we now know, this system was not a reservation system, but a lottery instead. Not once on the CTP website does it say
  7. I haven't had the Better Pushback, or tire smoke issues in my case, at least. I would agree on 1.3.10, though, or just a patch for a future version. As I am running 11.50b9 with Vulkan, as far as I know I am not able to run the Beta branch for xPilot, so I have no choice but to run 1.3.12 right now, which doesn't work.
  8. Scratch that last message of mine where I said it's working fine now. I just had another two CTD's with 1.3.12 trying to fly the event in Colorado this afternoon, and continue to have this issue when connecting ANYWHERE. Incomplete Log.txt, and no xPilot crash dumps to speak of outside of Event Viewer.
  9. I'm having the same issue on & off. I was trying to do KDEN-KBUR-KSJC on Saturday for the big event. xPilot was working perfectly fine until after I tried reconnecting after landing in KBUR with a new flight number. xPilot would almost immediately crash the sim with nothing in the Log.txt, nor any semblance of a crash dump anywhere except a generic Event Viewer tag pointing to xPilot every time I tried connecting. The issue seems to be intermittent since it worked perfectly fine up until essentially that hour on Saturday, and it's been working fine all day today so far. xPilot 1.3.12
  10. If it helps in the near future, I have about 30 minutes worth of video documenting this happening live on Twitch that I can pull & clip to relevant parts. Due to the inclusion of special HD CSL's in my library, this network error has been causing me multi-second long sim lockups after every aircraft disappears from my sim, and right before (or right as, I guess) they all get redrawn. Every couple of minutes on the dot, and it is unavoidable.
  11. I've been seeing the same issue ever since the server changes last week. All of a sudden, aircraft are disappearing one-by-one until they're all gone on my screen, then they all pop back in at once with janky, messed up tracking, like aircraft stuck in-place, in the incorrect location, or simply spazzing out. Then everything recovers a minute or so later before it starts happening again a few minutes later in a cycle. USA-WEST server.
  12. I'm not the OP, but here's an older screenshot of mine from a 727 group flight of ours using the provided FlyJSim CSL.
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