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  1. Hello all! Here the past few months, I have been working on AviationAPI which is designed to be an API that allows anyone to pull FAA charts, weather, and/or VATSIM information in a JSON format. I meant this project to be for developers, but I also created a front end interface so anyone can use it! On the API's end, there are many options for which charts you would like to pull, and please note that at the moment you are only able to pull FAA charts, although the support for worldwide charts is in the list of things to do. Weather (METAR/TAF) can be pulled from any station in the world a
  2. Reinstalled VRC and now everything is working. Don't know why I didn't try that first.
  3. Interesting because that's how mine was and it didn't work. I will try resetting the scaling and rebooting and if that doesn't work I will reinstall VRC.
  4. My laptop is a Lenovo Yoga. I played around with the scaling and nothing seemed to work. I will play around with them some more soon. Have you changed any other settings?
  5. The resolution is 3200 x 1800 and I am almost positive when I checked the scaling was set to 200% and when I changed it to 100% everything got smaller. I can check this again and include screenshots as well.
  6. When I travel I would still like to control but I notice on my laptop the VRC text is extremely small. Is there any way to fix this so I can read the callsigns/flight information?
  7. Hello all: I have recently been flying a lot on VATSIM and as you all probably well know, the controllers expect you to have charts. With searching around I found a great iPad app called AeroChart that has charts for every airport in the US. It has full premium features for 30 days, then there is a $15 subscription fee thereafter. I have found this helps greatly and saves paper and money! The included link below is for the US version but they have other versions for other countries as well. It's really helped me with chart availability on VATSIM! https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/aerochartus
  8. On my first Vatsim flight I was super nervous. Like I was sweating and shaking so bad I couldn't hand fly the aircraft nervous. This was out of Charlotte and it turned out to be a busier night than I was expecting. After hearing other clearances and calls from ATC I was within a click away from disconnecting and trying again when it wasn't as busy but I thought might as well do it how else am I going to learn? So finally I got the nerves to call for clearance and I had the controller repeat at least 3 times until finally I got it right. Then once I finally pushed back and called for taxi clear
  9. Okay thank you. It threw me off guard because I guess I was on ATIS when I got a call to switch frequencies and then I was contacted asking if I was in contact with ATC. Just a noob mistake that I'd like to not make again. I will try this.
  10. Hey all. I am very new to vatsim (<20hrs) and I was wondering when flying into an airport when the appropriate time to contact and listen into ATIS for the active runways, weather, etc is. The couple of times I've been on the center for the airport and I have tuned ATIS and missed a call and it seems that instead of trying to call again, the controller reports me as not in contact or ATC. Should I advise the controller that I am checking ATIS or should I just tune in earlier? Thanks!
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