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  1. Hey there gang! Enlight of the pandemic and only working part time, I've decided to back into my aviation. I've been recreating KPVD Virtual with all the airlines and looking for others who are PVD fans, and or good @ design and webpage building. Looking for some one with an open mind and great ideas!
  2. Good morning. I happened to notice that there was a file full of planes but was not sure if I should delete my previous installations. So I decided to do a clean installation of everything to see what's available from this program and go from there. I will let you know how things work out. Thank you.
  3. Hiya gang! Thanks for the help. I found the instructions earlier, and loving it! I'm noticing some planes of yours are not showing though. So I'm removing my installed planes hoping yours will show?
  4. Hmm... It does not seem to work. Perhaps I misunderstood the Root directory? I clicked change, then FSX. But now attempting to direct it to Simobjects / airplanes instead.
  5. Thank you for your [Mod - Happy Thoughts]istance. I downloaded it, and connected it to the main FSX SE folder. I [Mod - Happy Thoughts]ume I run this with the V Pilot at the same time? I will give this a test run.
  6. Morning all. As much as I love the Vpilot I find a strange issue. I use freeware add ons when it comes to my planes. The Vpilot does detect that I've added new planes.. however, It's not model matching. For example, Southwest Airlines. I find that when I'm next to a SWA at an airport or sky, the Vpilot shows me the 737 / 738 but it shows it to me as a plain white skin instead of showing me the SWA colors. This happens with all my models. I update and Rescan the model matching. The message I see when doing so is: 403 found 139 identified. Why is it not showing me model skins of others? Please
  7. I had to start everything from scratch as I had to clean my computer. I've installed Vpilot back but get an error message: Unhandled exception. Unable to obtain public key for Strong name key pair. Please advise..
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