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  1. Good Afternoon, Every time I have euroscope open I click to have it in windowed mode but it always wants to start in fullscreen mode. After closing I do save all the changes, but still does the same. Maybe I am missing something? Best Regards, Tyler Sexton
  2. I meant multi-task as in do the cert and exams for P ratings and do the cert and exams for the C rating; not controlling and piloting at the same time lol
  3. Thank you for the answers! very much appreciated. That answers all my questions I should be seeing you soon hopefully, I was going to try and multi-task pilot and controller but the pilot aspect as been an adventure all on its own, so ive been trying to grasp it good enough before I start training at the miami artcc.
  4. Wasnt sure if this needed to be in the vpilot subforum, since it is not a "support issue" problem i chose to put it here. I apologize if this is the incorrect area. I have a few questions that I thought were one way, but I am getting different results so im [Mod - Happy Thoughts]uming its user error 1.) I use mytraffic 6, and i thought i had seen somewhere that it stated vatsim clients would disable AI traffic (although good to have for the liveries for online player traffic). If it SHOULD be, any advice how to fix the issue would be appreciated. 2.) I also use AS16, though i have
  5. Thank you everyone for the replies! definitely cleared up my confusion.
  6. When landing you exit the runway, then get a handoff from tower to ground, my question is when watching alot of videos most simmer stop, get the clearance for taxi then proceed...but watching and flying real world flights they never stop after exiting the runway..so the question is how can real world pilots switch to ground and taxi so quickly without even stopping..almost as if they knew they were gonna get a certain taxiway. Just a bit confused how real world ops go, since i personally have never been on a flight that stopped after clearing a runway to contact ground for taxi clearance (but
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