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  1. I agree with Ernesto on this one. Perhaps it should not limit the person flying, but there needs to be a more robust, built-in mechanism to prevent filing a flight plan with an unintentionally goofy call sign. I die a little inside every time N14OTP80 calls me. I guess if one wants to be intentionally goofy, then by all means. I'm aware that VATSIM, unlike other networks, is not interested in enforcing any kind of realism in this regard.
  2. Right you are, Mr. Shearman. But... unfortunately, these guys are asking about a different thing. What you are talking about is related to how traffic is passed from a home router to the PC where the client is running. They are asking about how their home internet presents to the outside world. IPv4 address is something like IPv6 address is something like 2001:0db8:85a3:0000:0000:8a2e:0370:7334 As you can probably infer, there are many, many more available IPv6 addresses than IPv4. You and I have a publicly-facing IPv4 address. It's not dedicated to us (unless we
  3. +1 for Kafka. Very nice, guys. Though we have struggled with what seems to be higher than normal CPU consumption of the brokers, we are currently using Kafka at scale in a very large enterprise... and it's super dependable and mostly runs itself.
  4. I am neither for nor against the change. I know it benefits folks for various reasons and some have a real safety-related legitimate need to do so. For me, the only downside is the aforementioned lack of "getting to know a pilot." I can remember names easily, but numbers not-so-much. On occasion, I have remembered that "John Q Pilot" was a particularly skillful pilot and that "Sam Q. Doe" was the new guy that I helped understand how to copy a clearance three days prior. In some situations, that has helped me provide better service for Sam and John. John may get more complicated instructi
  5. David, I've been around VATSIM for a while now (but only seriously for about 18 months). I've got it figured out now, but I very much remember feeling exactly as you do. It wasn't the training part that confused me (that was easy once I was affiliated and talking to the guys at Miami). The hard part, as you so well described, was figuring out what to click and what comes next. As others have pointed out, the distributed nature of VATSIM organizations makes this difficult to figure out. As a small example, one point of confusion for me was trying to discern the difference between VAT
  6. Very similar. Although a bit longer in duration. Also, love flightdeck2sim.
  7. Another relevant detail: when I asked the pilot what happened, he said he adjusted his microphone gain mid-transmission. I do not know whether that was the cause, nor am I certain of the mechanics of how he adjusted the gain. I'm quite certain that the pilot did not cause this to happen on purpose.
  8. At 0158Z on 2019-10-21, while controlling MIA_TWR and monitoring MIA_GND during an OTS exam, DAL1817 transmitted a read back of a clearance. The transmission began at a normal volume, consistent with the volume of all other aircraft on the frequency. Over the course of the next three seconds, his transmission became ear-piercingly loud (accompanied by audio artifacts that were not speech), which cause both me and the other controller to need to remove our headphones to avoid hearing damage. This was not just loud, this was the equivalent of someone blowing a whistle about three inc
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