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  1. Hey Michael, please open a ticet with your Membership Regional Team at https://support.vatsim.net! Cheers,
  2. It's usually a good option to check the documentation before trying to reverse engineer an app 😉 https://github.com/vatsimnetwork/developer-info/wiki/Data-Feeds
  3. Hey Nathaniel, Simply head over to https://auth.vatsim.net/ and logout there 🙂. All the best,
  4. It is not a server issue. There is no connection or packet drops shown in the monitoring 🙂
  5. The servers have had zero problems. This is an issue between you and the servers. Nothing VATSIM can do about it.
  6. Hi Parsan, It can well be due to the fact that you are located in Dubai. UAE has a long history of blocking and interfering with UDP connections. Other members seemed to have solved this issue by using a VPN. Have you tried this yet? Cheers,
  7. You are logging in with an inactive or suspended account. Try using incognito mode in your browser.
  8. Try now @Ariel Torres.
  9. Hey Al, You should be able to link a new account now. Cheers,
  10. I’ll look at your ticket tomorrow and see where it went wrong. Cheers,
  11. Open a ticket at https://support.vatsim.net and the team will help you out!
  12. Correct. As Tobias says, version numbers will only be incremented with breaking changes, where "breaking changes" means any changes that would cause existing apps to break, like removing existing fields or changing their type (string). Adding new fields is NOT a breaking change, since existing applications should just ignore any fields they don't know about. Hope that answers the question!
  13. Hey there Przemyslaw, Have you tried logging out and in again? Cheers,
  14. Hey Tajus, I've removed your account from the Community Discord so you can relink an account. Simply head over to https://community.vatsim.net/auth/discord/login and login with your account. Cheers,
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