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  1. Sorted on DMs as well
  2. Don't open a ticket. I'll pass this post on to the AFV team to check.
  3. Sorted @Fabrizio Pascucci with a quick call on Discord. Anyone else? 😛
  4. Do you have any email address linked with your Discord account? If yes, then log in using that and let me know what you see 🙂
  5. Romano, when you open the website, can you press "F12" on your keyboard and then select the "Console" tab? Once this is done, try clicking to join a server. Do any errors appear in the console?
  6. @Fabrizio Pascucci Hello! Could you please follow steps 1, 4, 5 and 6 above in that order?
  7. Alright, try this: Enter https://discord.com/app in your browser Search for this icon on the left sidebar: Right click on it and press "Leave server" At the bottom of the sidebar press this button (it may look slightly different in your browser): Click on "Logout": Head over to https://community.vatsim.net/servers/settings, refresh the page and link a new account 🙂
  8. Done. May I suggest you enter the Community Website in Incognito mode to avoid this from happening again? 🙂
  9. The bot, the backend, the frontend and the website name have been designed with this in mind. I'd like to get a UI done first for custom role assignments, since it's something pretty complex and right now can only be done directly in the database. Once we get that done, I'm more than happy to open it up to the public 🙂
  10. I've kicked your account from the server. You should now be able to relink the new one.
  11. This was fixed already. When this happens, the only possibility is that the password casing is incorrect. For those that are fully convinced it isn't, a password reset and retrying after some time usually fixes the issue. Note that the login to this dashboard is NOT case sensitive, whereas all new logins (voice, SSO "v2", etc...) are. Therefore, if you can log in at one place but not the other, this will most likely be the reason why.
  12. Andrew, in the meantime you may want to give a password reset a try. Doesn't fix the server issue, but might allow you to connect.
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