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  1. Hi Luca, next time please search through the forums before asking. There's a hundred million posts exactly like this one already 😉 In summary: It can take several hours for the servers to synchronize accounts. Even if you are connected to the network you may still get errors connecting to voice, since these two things are different systems.
  2. Yep, having a bit of both worlds sounds fine 2 me!
  3. That doesn’t represent the live system accurately though. All PR accounts have the same email addresses and names, as do many duplicate ones too. Both of these are able to use Connect and log into an application unless the app itself restricts it. It’s not my choice to modify it or not, but I do think having it like this in the development environment allows people to avoid/fix problems which could arise further down the line in production.
  4. Not sure what you mean either. Justin replies to posts here daily? I really, really hope you're not moaning because your post from less than 9 HOURS ago has got no replies yet.
  5. Feel like sharing it with the community maybe @Jamie Janssen? Maybe we can upload it to the Network Github for everyone to use? 🙂
  6. ⚡️And... bookings for @vatsim's Cross the Land Eastbound 2020 event are now open! 440 slots to pick the one that fits you best until 12th June at 2359z. Hurry up or you'll be left with none!👉https://vats.im/ctl
  7. Yep, I wonder that too... unless you have any sort of hearing problems (not saying you have, but if...) I really struggle to understand how you can have everything at maximum volume and only hear it such that when you lower it a bit you don't hear it well anymore. In my personal case my PC volume is lower than 20% and even then it still sounds too loud for me at times. I can understand that not all speakers/headsets sound the same way at the same level, but having it all maxed out just makes me think there is some other issue 🤔
  8. Which simulator & pilot client do you use (versions too, please)?
  9. Just curious: How, where and when did you get the P9 rating? Been looking all round and can't see anywhere to "obtain" it
  10. I will leave it to the PTD Department to reply to your question. Looking back at the announcement it is true that ratings >P5 are not mentioned anywhere. Looking forward to an answer myself now haha
  11. Patience young padawan. When you register on VATSIM it clearly says it can take up to 24h for your account to work on all servers, doesn’t it? 🙂
  12. No we don’t. You might be able to hear some ATISs, but most of them not 🙂
  13. Server issue; nothing you can fix 🙂
  14. Hi there gents, for those that are xPilot users, there is a new version available with a possible fix for the random volume spikes. Please note that this xPilot version is still an alpha and may cause unexpected crashes. Let us know if this version works well for you or not!
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