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  1. Note as well that die to the global situation during these past months there has been a HUGE increase on training requests across the whole network, so it’s not something odd at the time of writing this post that you have to wait a few months after sending the initial email to get training.
  2. Does vPilot have permission to use your sound devices in Windows’ privacy settings? Are you also using a virtual audio output by any chance? If not, which devices do you use?
  3. Fabian’s issue was solved. Do you have a translator for the website enabled by any chance? Also, could you please let me know what link you see when the 500 error displays, please? Cheers,
  4. Also, if you're using something to translate the page make sure to disable it.
  5. Hey Fabian, at which point exactly do you get the error? When saving the exam? What URL are you at when you click the button and after you click it? Which answers have you selected in the exam for each question? If you don’t want to post the answers here, please send them to my email down in my signature and we’ll try to get you sorted!
  6. That's because you are entering your VATSIM ID and/or password wrong. You should NOT connect to AFVDATA; choose any other server 😛
  7. In this case it's not a capitalization issue, but rather an issue with his account being marked as inactive. To reactivate it simply visit https://my.vatsim.net/reactivate. Once that's done, you may need to wait for some time before finally being able to connect to VATSIM again. Welcome back!
  8. Hi Ital, I recommend reading through the following post:
  9. Sorted. Please link a new account through the “settings” menu. Make sure you link the correct account.
  10. Which servers can you see in the "Joined" tab?
  11. Which server are you trying to connect to when getting this error?
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