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  1. As far as I know you can't change the icons. Ground mode has like an L and then an * to tell the difference. That's worked for me on a variety of different monitors, including cheap ones that are sub-720p. I really only use Ground (for training) and DSR (for controlling center), so I don't know the other data tags well. However, Ross's docomeentation has some good images of what each tag will look like in certain conditions, maybe you can find what your looking for there. And last but not least you could try vSTARS. While not entirely developed for cab usage, there is an ASDE-X in the
  2. $com will give you your primary frequency. $callsign is your call sign
  3. If you expand them, are there any items listed below them? It would appears as if those items aren't defined in your sector file.
  4. That's looks really good and interesting! Definitely keep us updated!
  5. VoiceMeeter is a great application that can do this. It replaces the default Windows sound engine with one that is more flexible. You can send your vpilot audio to it, then route it to different output devices attached to your computer. It can also be used for streaming. I have the payware version, which adds a couple other features, but overall can be used the same. All my simulator audio, as well as vpilot, go through VoiceMeeter and to my headset, as well as a virtual device that OBS can capture. I can stream and have TeamSpeak, YouTube, and whatever else go only to my headset, while th
  6. In the Audio Devices menu of VRC you can boost the audio level for radio traffic. TeamSpeak has the same option, in the Output section, where you can adjust the master output level of the application. You can also right click a specific user and change their individual level.
  7. If you're using Joker, you can set it the virtual F2# key in the config file. I had to do that since the same issue occurs for me. I think the key is in the 130 range. Ross, I think this relates back to the issue I was having with vPilot and the footswitch.
  8. Quality Wings is working on one. No release date yet.
  9. All your settings are stored in the Euroscope folder, most likely inside your Docomeents folder. As mentioned above, you can check it via the scope. Any time I have to reinstall something, I do the following process: 1. Zip whatever data files are necessary (in this case the entire Euroscope folder in my Docomeents). 2. Back this zip up a variety of ways (USB stick, external hard drive, some type of cloud storage, etc) 3. Use Total Uninstaller 6 (payware). This program gets everything, any hidden folders, as well as registry keys. It also can run the default Uninstaller for a program.
  10. If you're using VRC, and have two monitors, consider using flight strips. For the cab controllers, strips are something that either help or hurt your productivity. Each strips has 9 boxes on the right side, which can be used to store text. Only you can see the information (unless you push the strip), and it can be highly effective for ground controllers. For example, in one box I put either a C, P, or T. Clearance, Push, or Taxi. If you're running multiple runways, another box can have what runway they are going to. In another box, I put a lowercase r if they called me and I can't call them ba
  11. Yeah I'm not sure since I cannot go back into vPilot to program it without the software. It crashes every time, even with Joker closed. I've verified with no running Delcom or Joker applications. Yeah it's not so much an issue, since I can go into the config files and manually change the binding, however it would be nice to do it from the UI. The Delcom software is only used to "program" the switch, its not always running. You just write to it what stroke you want. The problem is that Joker recognizes up to 16 buttons from this single switch. I've just [Mod - Happy Thoughts]igned th
  12. He was implying "pilots make it worse" so I was [Mod - Happy Thoughts]uming there was some problem/interaction with pilots over TAS. I've never been bothered by it (sometimes if I don't prefilled I just enter in 400), but I guess all pilots are different. But yes there is still the issue of it being set back to 000
  13. I thought once a controller amended the flight plan, it was "locked" on the pilot side, and only controllers could further edit it.
  14. I've got the 960 and it works quite well. I've got it over clocked a bit, nothing too much, and it runs v4 and and add on scenery just fine. Don't forget simming is also cpu heavy. A good cpu, paired with a good gpu is your best bet. But if you're just running default everything, the system requirements for your Sim should keep you running smooth.
  15. No it shouldn't be an issue. The pilot clients only report your position, through SimConnect or fsuipc. Neither interact directly with any files, even for traffic injection
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