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  1. I was wondering if VATSIM has FSS in the USA or at all. The reason I ask is in one of the ATIS is listened to has "additional information on FSS and Flight Watch frequency."
  2. I belive there is a way to. One time I saw somewhere in the settings (You will have to look for it. It also could be under any of the tabs that is not necessary for every day flight.) there is a setting called, "box length" and "box hight" or somthing like that.
  3. Thank you. Seeing as if you are a mod, I hope that if things start getting dirty here you will close this topic ASAP.
  4. I never said that! I just said the my first pick for a VA would be a Christian base to it. I would have no problem fly with other people as long as they don't use bad laguage and stuff like that. In fact, even if there is a VA that says that they are a "Christian VA" but uses laguage that makes me feal uncomfortable. But there is a VA that does not have the label "Christian" but make me feel at home, I would swich VA ASAP.
  5. Yes!!!! Exactly I meant. Just couldn't get it on paper. I can see this thread is not going the way I thought it would go we I first posted it. I meant it to be a friendly discussion and me finding more people of my faith. I never meant it to go in the way of this, talking about stuff in the p[Mod - Happy Thoughts] that the people now cannot change or never had a part in. If it keeps going this way, I'll be contacting a mod. to close this topic. Please, be nice to other people no matter their faith.
  6. Thank you all for your answers. What I meant was to do basic airliner ops but the pilots are mostly Christian. Like Alaska airlines in the real world. It didn't need to be a Christian mission ops. Maybe some time soon I'll make one.
  7. Hello everyone. If this is in the wrong place, please move it. I'm still kinda new to the form I am thinking about joining a VA. I would, as my first pick, any VA that has a Christian foundation. If you know any VA that have a Christian base, you can say below or PM me if need be. If it matters, I'm about to turn 15 and my sim is X-Plane 10 Thanks.
  8. "Never" is too strong a word here ... there are plenty of controllers that would have no problem handling a formation flight during an event. It depends on way too many factors to say it would never be allowed. I'll go ahead and contact Washington DC ARTCC just to make sure.
  9. Thanks for all your replys. To answer your question, Sean, It will be VFR from Cl[Mod - Happy Thoughts] E though Cl[Mod - Happy Thoughts] G and into Cl[Mod - Happy Thoughts] B Dulles. I thought that the "Never dull at Dulles" and we might make it "not dull" for the controllers.
  10. I saw that you can't do a high speed formation flight without being a part of a VA. Me and my friend was planing a low speed(C172s) formation flight to the "Never dull at Dulles" event. Is that possible without getting into trouble?
  11. Thank you. I tried to find some but couldn't find it.
  12. Hello, I am new to the form, and I was wondering, how do you show a pic of your current status on VATISIM? Thank you for helping me.
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