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  1. Now i have p[Mod - Happy Thoughts]ed my S1 theory exam how do i get told when i have to attend the S1 practical on euroscope. I have checked my RTS management and nothing has been there for about 2 months. Help!
  2. Throughout most of my flights I do everything correctly, eg, QNH etc set right. But when i takeoff and begin my departure i turn on AP and set it to FL65 (for example) but then i am at 4000 and the controller says im at 11000ft (from his screen)! I don't get this, what is going on!!!! I fly a addon A320 with default A321 panel I became suspicious and when i went offline VATSIM and flew in a 733 to see if it was just the A320. The 733 did the exact same thing and the PFD was very slowly going up. When i looked outside of the window when my PFD said 6000 it looked like (looking outside
  3. What is the procedure when on an IFR and the airport your destination is at, the ATC go offline or none are there, I have only been on VATSIM for a few days so I haven't encountered every problem under the sun! Cheers...
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