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  1. Zibo is good, but make sure to update regularly. New releases and bugfixes nearly every day... The ixeg 737-300 is very good, probably my favourite bird in X-Plane. The Flight Factor 767 is extremely thorough, on a level if not better with the LevelD 767 for FSX. JarDesigns A330 is also pretty good, though not as in depth. I'm hearing very good things about the RotateSim MD80, but haven't used it so can't say anything about it except the pictures look great. Ditto the Flight Factor 757 and JarDesigns A320. Stay away from the Flight Factor 777, it needs major work before it has real
  2. the default weather engine is pretty much the only one. Ultraweather makes it look nicer but tbh I'd not say it's worth the price after using it for a month or so. xEnviro I hear a lot of complaints about, never tried it myself mostly because of the cost. Skymax I hear good things about but haven't tried.
  3. If you're looking for VAs that don't allow swearing, cursing, sexual innuendos in their members' communication, there are many of those around. Anything else, why would you care whether someone you'll probably never meet except in some internet forum or chatroom adheres to one religion or another, or none at all? It's utterly irrelevant. Of course if you yourself are planning to proseletyse constantly towards others and don't want them to get mad at you, that's something else entirely but then you'd be in your intended VA be preaching to the choir quite literally so what's the point and in
  4. Worst I've had happen like that was a ground controller coming online while I was in my takeoff run and instantly start yelling at me that I didn't have clearance and he was going to report me and get me banned. Ignored the guy and completed the flight without incident. That was years ago though.
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