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  1. I presume the SSDP and DNS traffic is on a different port to AFV? My wild guess would be to try updating your NIC driver or use a different NIC.
  2. Are you able to send all your traffic through a VPN? If this worked, that would likely confirm that your ISP/ISP supplied router has an issue. There's the definite possibility of using ipv6 in a future vPilot update if this has a demonstrably good chance of fixing it.
  3. The traffic to focus on would be the UDP traffic. You'll see UDP heartbeating every 3 seconds, with the client sending a heartbeat request, and the server replying with a heartbeat response. If 3 responses are not received (for whatever reason), the client will disconnect. I suggest that if you're able to capture your traffic over a vpilot disconnect event, you have a look at what is happening with the heartbeating.
  4. Watch this thread - Select "Follow" in the top-right to receive e-mail updates when the VATSIM API changes
  5. I don't have an opinion on the suggestion, only here to say it's not technically possible and wouldn't be worth the effort to make it technically possible.
  6. If this occurs again - please restart your PC and report back if this fixed it. It'll be a valuable clue - perhaps an orphaned background thread is still running.
  7. Please try again after 1300z today. (Ensuring you use the correct casing in your p[Mod - Happy Thoughts]word)
  8. Hi John, Which screen reading program do you use? If there is a free version, we can get the developer to try using it when they look at improving the accessibility. Regards, Mark
  9. Ira; as mentioned by Kirk - Aerowinx PSX is a 747-400 virtual cockpit. It's so versatile, you can run it purely on screens like: or use it to drive a full cockpit: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wz1mKIpQU34 We're using it to drive a full sim with 3 projectors, 8 (maybe more, I've lost count) PCs & mostly genuine parts. What I'm asking Ross for is the VATSIM traffic data (the position/speed/type of all the aircraft nearby) so I can inject this data into PSX where it will use it in the TCAS system to show the other aircraft on the flight display(s).
  10. Any ideas when the next beta with these events will be available? (Approximately... I'm a volunteer developer myself so know the score)
  11. Let's start with this and then when I've got something released & I've used the plugin interface in a bit more detail... we can evaluate everything else I've discussed at that point. Please let me know when the beta is out - it'll take me just a couple of hours to pull in a load of existing code into a new DLL project and test it all. Should be easy. Edit: Could I get the ability to at least turn off the simconnect calls doing the traffic injection? A method to enable/disable perhaps? Then I'll be able to start experimenting.
  12. That's what I'm doing currently - I've got some software that syncs the non-user vehicles amongst 3 instances of P3D (one is the 'master' and the other 2 are 'slaves' which isn't completely ideal - I'd like a single 'reference' source and 3 slave instances for absolute sync) and does the TCAS injection in one binary. I'm looking to separate these features so that I can release a vPilot plugin to the PSX community that just does TCAS injection, and keep the current multi-P3D-instance syncing private (as it would be a support nightmare) until I can make it easier to configure for users. As
  13. That would be perfect - I was thinking of the same combination of 3 events. I can just maintain a List<> or ConcurrentDictionary<,> from those events then apply my filtering criteria to determine which ones to inject into PSX TCAS. (I am wondering if I might gain any benefit from the smoothed data vPilot is doing internally... but I'm happy to try the 5 second rate first) Partially related question: Does vPilot have a way of syncing traffic objects on 3 P3D instances? At the moment I'm pulling out the vehicle data from 1 P3D instance (the one that vPilot injects into) an
  14. I'm looking to inject TCAS data into PSX, please could you consider exposing aircraft Lat/Lon/Alt/Hdg of all aircraft that you're injecting into simconnect?
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