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  1. ok we got it working. just for kicks I uninstalled it and reinstalled it to the Program Files directory rather than Program files(86). that was the issue. after that we could connect manually perfectly fine
  2. hello. so we went on via teamviewer and did that, however swift will not even show up in the multiplayer list. it starts but will not show any signs of connecting. just a constant cycle of starting and closing FSUIPC.
  3. hello. im asking for a friend. when starting up the SWIFT client, all looks normal. everything configured as it should be, almost identical to mine. I can run it fine. however once he starts the GUI, in the bottom left corner, it says "closing fsuipc" and the sim refuses to connect. i've never had this error and I cant figure it out. can you help?
  4. did a flight from SFO to Portland and it was insane. the new voice codecs are almost identical to what I hear in real life!
  5. thank you Andreas. I found the reason for the greyed out FS2004. I run Windows 10 64bit and when you go to download the installer it says Windows 64bit and Windows 32bit. I chose the 64bit option since that's what I run. I didn't think that that was meaning the sim type. I got it to work and will test it tonight! thank you!
  6. I use FS2004, and as far as I've heard, Vpilot only works with FSX and P3D
  7. hello. I use FS2004 and always used squawkbox, however it seems that they have discontinued support for It with the new voice codecs and all. I went to download the only other client available for FS2004, this being Swift. I have to say that the VATSIM Pilot Client installation absolutely SUCKS. the info is all over the place and it seems VATSIM has forgotten about FS2004. I am having issues with getting the stupid thing to recognize the sim and in the configuration it won't let me choose FS2004, with the check box greyed out. I just want to fly and not screw around all the time with a Pilot C
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