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  1. hi getting some trouble when installing SWIft : now i can see the other planes but I can't connect Audio / With the following message : CATEGORY :NETWORK (flight) vatsim specificities /MESSAGE : Failed to connect to "" connection refused Error code :61 how to solve this new problem? Thanks Christian
  2. Hi all, I've installed Swift Alpha on MacOs with success but I can't create "Models " with a CSL file. so, the result is : I can't see any plane on the field!! The Bluebell CSL and vertical offset fix file is allready download in a CSL file I give the Simulator directory : "/Applications/x-plane 11" I give the Model directory: '/Applications/x-plane 11/Custom data/CSL in the next page the "Model dir" is correct but "Models" say: No models so far" ans Model set : 67 ????? did I missed something? my question: how to set correctly a Model with CSL???? It will be great to get some hel
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