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  1. Hi there, We are looking to integrate VATSIM Connect with our ARTCC website. It's powered by WP 5.6.1, and right now we have to manually create accounts for new controllers (home or visiting). Jamie, can you please get in touch with me privately by email (tyler.rodick (at) zlcartcc (dot) com) with info on how to set up this plugin as well as download details? Thanks. Tyler Rodick, VATUSA ZLC ARTCC Assistant Webmaster
  2. Hi Ross, I'm just now seeing this topic. Any idea when will hit the stable channel? It seems like we've let this one lapse for quite some time, and I just want to bump it back to the top. I'm also one of the blind pilots, like others who have posted here. It'd be nice to have the new build generally available rather than having to search through the forums for it. LOL Thanks! Tyler Rodick
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