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  1. The SWISS Virtual operations team is once again organizing its quarterly event! The event will take place on the weekend of November 20th to 22nd. This quarter's theme will be difficult approaches. From the extreme terrain surrounded approach into Innsbruck to old school classics like Hong Kong Kai Tak, we promise a weekend full of challenges! Non-members are welcome to join as well, and we have organized ATC for all destinations! SWISS Virtual member, please book your flights on the event page: https://intranet.swiss-virtual.com/events/viewall
  2. As the summer vacations slowly come to an end and work/school starts again, we at SWISS Virtual and SASva are organizing a final all-out summer event around the globe for a full week of 24/7 flying. Non-VA members are welcome to join, the more the merrier! The event will consist of multiple back-to-back roundtrip flights from Zürich LSZH (SWISS Virtual) and Copenhagen EKCH (SASva) to diverse destinations throughout the world. We have organized and confirmed ATC for all of the scheduled destinations except VNKT. We have also partnered up with iniBuilds to offer free GSX and
  3. On Sunday, December 22nd at 1000z SWISS Virtual and Edelweiss Virtual are organizing a joint Fly-in event to Santas hometown Rovaniemi on VATSIM. All pilots are welcome to join. The outbound leg from Zürich (LSZH) to Rovaniemi (EFRO) departs at 1000z. The return leg from Rovaniemi (EFRO) to Zürich (LSZH) departs at 1420z. A full briefing for EFRO (incl. sceneries and charts) can be found here: http://santa.vatsim-scandinavia.org/rovaniemi.php
  4. Thx for the reply! Interesting so the Obstacle Clearance Limit is the DH? This is the first time I see that in a chart. Upon doing some further research in some ATPL manuals it does infact seem that OCL is/was used as an alternative to DH MDH/MDA etc. Thanks.
  5. Greetings! In preparation for this weekends VHHX event, I decided to prepare by reading the charts etc. Sadly Navigraph doesn't offer the charts but only the FMS data (which I find odd but I'm sure they have their reasons). The charts are quite dated (obviously) and I seem unable to find the DH (The point is indicated in the vertical profile but not the actual height/altitude)? If I understand the Warning briefing text correctly, then there isn't an actual DH? Instead the MM is a MAP (which makes sense since it isn't a straight in approach). If this is the case then I am confuse
  6. Dutch efficiency, nice touch! I do fly through EHAM from time to time, sadly when I fly the 748 I primarily fly the 8i and irl routes so that limits me to Lufthansa, Air China and Korean Air but that's just me being picky
  7. I fully appreciate that way of thinking, it avoids unnecessary clogging of the frequency where I would have to deliver a lengthy explanation why I am unable to taxi via XXXX etc, I do find it a shame though that this info (and by extension a lot of other info) isn't provided to the controllers as I think this would greatly improve realism, which I would imagine is something we all strive for.
  8. Thank you both for the insight, this does clarify things if such information is not publicly available for free to controllers (a small part of me had [Mod - Happy Thoughts]umed that the respective vACC would provide its controllers with this info). I fully understand the argument made that checking which taxiways could be used for aircraft XXX can be too much of a h[Mod - Happy Thoughts]le in a busy airspace/airport, therefore I commend those few controllers that I have met that take the extra step in realism and consider aircraft size when giving taxi instructions, especially since IF
  9. Greetings, I am a pilot who loves to fly heavy metal. The bigger, the better. Atm the biggest quality airliners available for us pilots is the B747-8. Now as most of us know the 748 is a Category F aircraft (like the A380). This means that due to its size (wingspan etc) that at most airports it is restricted in which runways/taxiways/gates it can use, these are usually depicted on the airport charts. Unfortunately, in 9/10 of my flights I find myself having to correct the controller and pretty much having to tell him what taxi instructions I want/need... Neither I nor him (i woul
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