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  1. Hi, I'm getting this error a lot in the past 2 to 3 weeks. Some times they occur every 15 minutes. Network error: EndReceive failed: (10054) An existing connection was forcibly closed by the remote host Every time this happens I need to reconnect. It happens in all phases of the flight: Ground, take-off, cruise, on final... On a long haul flight I need to reconnect about 10 - 20 times 😞 I tried switching servers with no success. Any other suggestions? Thanks. Daniel
  2. Hi, So I solved all issues by replacing my Internet provider to a different provider. Everything works perfectly now. Thanks! Daniel.
  3. Hi Don, Thanks for your reply. I use only the stock windows defender. I will try to disable it and check. If it won't help I'll try to contact my internet provider and check they added some kind of firewall lately. Will report back. Daniel.
  4. Hi, Maybe someone will have an idea: 1. For about two weeks https://www.vatsim.net/ isn't loading in any web browser on my home PC (This topic is written from my work PC). 2. Vatspy fails to download a server list and isn't displaying any information. 3. Vpilot is displaying a red message everytime I connect to the network telling me that I'm using the beta server or something similar. I think all 3 issues are related to something with my internet connection. If anybody has an idea on how to solve these would appreciate it very much. Thanks, Daniel
  5. Hi All, I have a booking confirmed on the CTP Website - BOS - ZRH at 1255z. But I haven't received any confirmation by email. I have checked My Junk and Spam folders. Should I be concerned? Cheers, Daniel
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