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  1. Hmm... it seems there are still problems with the scrollbar since sometimes I see it, sometimes not... see attached screenshots.
  2. Arjan, is it possible to add some kind of scrollbar to the info window on the left side of VatsimRadar? Currently, when using lower screen resolutions, you cannot see all provided data. See screenshot below. Again, thx for providing this very nice tool.
  3. Is there a way to allow to enter the frequency with all six digits (e. g. ".com1 118.155"), use this value internally to tune in the channel and send the frequency in BCD16 format to the sim (e. g. "118.15") ? Just a thought, you know best what is possible or not.
  4. About points 1 & 2: I think Ross may give some ideas here, he's the true technical expert. About points 3 & 4: Seen from my more than 20 years in flight simulation, the fact itself you're able to tune in different channels and talk (or write) to different controllers has always been the most fascinating part, not the way how you do this (radio panel or external application).
  5. About Simconnect... may I quote Ross Carlson who made this statement over a year ago... You can also request the frequency as a 32 bit integer, in which case you get all six digits.
  6. To be honest, I don't really understand the problem behind using the pilot client software to set the frequency. It's even easier than using the FS radio panel IMO.
  7. Why not contact the Board of Governors directly about a request to allow real-world frequencies (from 118 to 137 MHz and with 8.33 kHz spacing)? Further discussion here doesn't seem to make sense (reason: see above ).
  8. IVAO uses real-world frequencies beyond the 136 MHz range and 8.33 kHz spacing, why can't do VATSIM the same? And yes, they still have FS9 users, too, and they use real-world frequencies, either. It's technically possible. Any (valid) reason not to move forward in this matter?
  9. Checked that your OS allows any software to use the mic? I say so because I had similar problems in the past (on Win 10), and that was the solution.
  10. Hi Arjan, when I "pan" once around the Earth after loading VatsimRadar (W -> E or E -> W), all aircraft & ATC symbols get lost. It seems the site "refuses" to reload.
  11. Alex, does this also refer to updates on airport data? IMO, won't it be easier to catch such requests (delete, add or modify airports) here at a separate forum thread? They could be fetched up regularly, transformed in "XML snippets" and sent to you via mail. Requirement: users must provide valid proofs for their requests. What do you think?
  12. ENGM (Gardermoen, Oslo/Norway) has runways 01L/19R & 01R/19L. So, neither 05/23 nor 14/32. Or, are you referring to another airport than Gardermoen?
  13. Hi, since I'm quite sure there are other AS16 & ASCA users as well ( ), I need some advise on the setup, specifically sky colours. To be honest, I'm a bit puzzled where to correctly (or at least: sensefully) put the different colours at (e. g. high/mid/low latitude, fair weather, CAVOK etc etc). Who can help?
  14. Even if it's only read if it contains a valid ICAO type code? Why do you say that? Disregard my suggestion about the ATC MODEL var. It was shortly after coming home from night shift when I read this, and unfortunately mixed few things up lol.
  15. Good point. Sounds like a reasonable solution. Reading the ATC MODEL var should be an option, not a must, IMO.
  16. I principally second that. Recent improvements with version 2.1.13 are a step in the right direction. Something like mentioned above could also help with "ZZZZ" codes.
  17. Hi Eoin, thanks for this info. Looking forward to the beta release.
  18. May I ask for info about the result of this meeting and further progress of Accomeap?
  19. Hi Markus, thanks for this package. Just installed in the C172... will have a try soon.
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