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  1. So I uninstalled and reinstalled. I tried setting my output device first which worked. Then I went to put my input device and I got this.
  2. These are my settings as well as the error message. I managed to get it open after I deleted the audio for vatsim folder, and repaired the app using the exe. But then shortly after it crashed wit the error posted above. It only happens when setting my audio output device.
  3. AFV Crashes with an unhanded exception error when using Windows 10 version 1903. This happens every time when I got to control and the only solution I have found no longer works. In the past I would have to uninstall AFV, reinstall it, and I could control. If I turned off my pc I would have to repeat the steps to use it again. Today when I got to control, I reinstalled AFV, and now it wont even open.
  4. Correct me if I'm wrong but it appears the Iron Mic results lately have been posted on Tuesdays. However, week 18 isn't present and week 19 is almost to an end.
  5. Where are the week 18 results?
  6. Join the Virtual Fort Worth ARTCC for the I35 Blue Bonnet Bonanza featuring Waco, Fort Worth Meacham, Denton, Dallas Executive, Addison, and Ardmore airports. Depart from the north, or fly from the south. Follow I35 to I35 west to land at Fort Worth Meacham Airport and Denton Airport. Fly I35 to I35 east to land at Dallas Executive, and Addison Airports. Continue flying to the north or the south to end up at the Ardmore Airport, or Waco Airport. The choice is yours! Join us for an afternoon of low countryside flying taking in the natural beauty of the Texas state flower, the Blue Bonnet. P
  7. Hello, Recently when I've been controlling across VATUSA I have encountered numerous visually impaired pilots. These pilots insert in their remarks that they are visually impaired and are unable to do most things other Vatsim pilots can do. Obviously, if they are blind, they can not see their screen, so they can't do things like maintaining visual separation (etc). However, these programs the pilots use to fly are highly unpredictable. The pilot is unable to realistically control his aircraft in a timely manner. For example, if I ask the pilot to fly a certain heading the aircraft won't tu
  8. Robert, I wasn't aware but now I am. I'll make sure to check it out
  9. The Virtual Fort Worth ARTCC invites you to join us on Thursday February 27th, 2020 from 23:59Z-03:00Z and explore Oklahoma City after dark. vZFW's finest student controllers will be on the scopes ready for all aircraft operations within the OKC tracon. Fly some practice approaches within the cl[Mod - Happy Thoughts] charlie airspace, or arrive/depart OKC IFR from your favorite airport. All traffic is welcome and any traffic is encouraged. (Sun gl[Mod - Happy Thoughts]es at night are encouraged)
  10. Join the Virtual Fort Worth, and the Virtual Houston ARTCC's on March 21st, 2020 from 23:59Z-04:00Z for a Southern Spring Showdown like no other. Spring between Dallas Fort Worth (KDFW), Dallas Love (KDAL), Houston Intercontinental (KIAH), and Houston Hobby (KHOU) during a four hour crossfire event. Fire up your jet and spring between the I90, and D10 Tracons, or fly low in slow in your favorite general aviation aircraft. This is an event you wont want to miss! Pilot briefing: https://forums.vatusa.net/index.php?action=dlattach;topic=9147.0;attach=382
  11. Join ZFW on 2/14/2020, from 23:59Z - 04:00Z for our annual Feel The Love @ Dallas Love event! This year we have decided to include Dallas Fort Worth International airport and make this our first FNO of the year. Spend the loveliest day of the year with a flight into one of two Dallas airports for 4 continues hours of full ATC! Pilot briefing: https://forums.vatusa.net/index.php?action=dlattach;topic=9114.0;attach=378
  12. Nick, Great Ideas! I'm also a believer that there is more to Vatsim then just IFR Turbojet flights from point A to point B. Some of vZFW's most successful events were VFR focused/oriented events like the stated "I20 Corridor Poker Run". This event is still on of our most successful events within vZFW and my goal is to make this an annual event. There was a planned 2nd half of the event that was planned but never executed. More information on that to come. In vZFW we always try to staff more then just the featured airport like you stated. So if we are hosting an FNO at KDFW, KDAL Tower
  13. Tobias, Thanks for your ideas! As a Vatsim pilot myself, I too enjoy goal oriented events. Events where I need to visit x amount of airports to be eligible to win a prize (ect) stuff like that. I have never really seen a Vatsim pilot propose the idea of a debriefing/lounge for pilots. This is a very interesting idea and I'm curious to see how this could play out. I'll personally look into what I could come up with. But I think this idea is very interesting. As far as freely accessible charts go, if you are talking about free charts in general I would recommend airnav.com. If you are ta
  14. Alex, Thanks for your reply. Great idea with the events based on interesting procedures. I don't think I've really seen an event on VATSIM that has done something like this before. Pilots always enjoy shorter flights with lots of ATC. I don't blame you!
  15. Have you ever thought of a new type of event that you have never seen done before? Have you wanted to get away from the typical "fly in-out" style of events? As a pilot, what do you like to see when it comes to a new initiative event. Do you like lots of information in the form of a pilot briefing? What do you not like about Vatsim events?
  16. Join ZFW on 2/14/2020, from 23:59Z - 04:00Z for our annual Feel The Love @ Dallas Love event! This year we have decided to include Dallas Fort Worth International airport and make this our first FNO of the year. Spend the loveliest day of the year with a flight into one of two Dallas airports for 4 continues hours of full ATC! More Information will become available soon.
  17. Join vZFW for our first FNO of the decade. Ring in the new year with a flight to one of two Dallas airports; KDFW, and KDAL for a Friday night of fun! Expect full ATC service in the Dallas Fort Worth Area for five hours of top down ATC coverage. Break out your favorite aircraft for some VFR flights around the area or prepare yourself for an IFR flight to the destination you desire. See you on the scopes!
  18. "South Beach To San Juan". South Beach is nice, but have you ever been to San Juan? Well now is your chance! On Saturday July 20th 2019 from 4PM EST to 7PM EST, JetBlue Virtual will be flying on the Vatsim Network from Fort Lauderdale Hollywood International Airport (KFLL) to San Juan International Airport (TJSJ) in Puerto Rico. This event is sponsored by LatinVFR. To enter to win a copy of LatinVFR San Juan, you must complete the event sign up form no later than the event start time of 4PM EST to be entered to win. Event Sign Up: https://forms.gle/9LSUyQhxyYVJGUnj7
  19. Join jetBlue Virtual for our second event of the year, "jetBlue Virtual's Montana Mountain Retreat". On Saturday April 27th from 23:00Z-02:00Z we will depart from Long Beach Airport (KLGB) and fly to Bozeman Yellowstone International airport (KBZN). Join us for an evening of fun! To enter to win a copy of the FeelThere Embraer E-Jets, you must be a registered jetBlue Virtual Pilot. We will pick the winner 1-2 days after the event. RSVP: https://flyjetbluevirtual.org/index.php/events/ jetBlue Virtual Registration: https://flyjetbluevirtual.org/index.php/apply/
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