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  1. Hi Diego, Those are loose definitions. If you would like to see what the new course entails have a look at the new Membership Certification Standards here. As you'll see, the understanding required is much deeper than what was required on the network to gain a P1 under the old system. Things like, for example, steep turns or stall recovery were not part of the requirements for an old P1. The PTD looked at what VATSIM expected ATOs to teach their students for a rating globally, and then had a look at what the new ratings will require ATOs to teach. The old P1 was the closest match wit
  2. I understand that some people may feel like their rating has been "downgraded", however this is not the case. The new ratings are based on the FAA pilot training procedures. Please note that they have been simplified for simulation purposes, however they are much more in-depth than the old ratings. See the breakdown below to see what each rating is based on, and what aircraft are permitted. P0 - New rating to ensure that new members are familiar with the network. P1 - Based on the Private Pilots License (PPL), conducted in a non-complex single engine piston aircraft. P
  3. For X-Plane versions below 11.50 (i.e. 11.41r1) you can install the "Beta" xPilot (currently version from here. There is no "fallback" feature to an older version.
  4. I understand this, but not sure posting a post like this on the forums is beneficial to any party. Instead, try submitting feedback at the facility (Division/vACC/ARTCC) where this happened, and they'll be able to deal with this in an appropriate way.
  5. Just had a look at mine again, and it looks like forward slashes are the way to go.
  6. Hi Edward, Though I can't answer your second question (I'm guessing you mean that the uninstaller in AppData\Local\xPilot isn't removing all of the files), I believe only the Alpha version (1.3.14 right now) supports X-Plane 11.50 with full functionality. You can download it on the xPilot website, selecting the "Alpha" branch under the download button. Regarding your CSL paths, they look good to me! Those are how I have mine setup and I have no issues with those. If you're using an older version of xPilot with XP11.50 then you won't be able to see any aircraft other than yourself due
  7. Hi Maks, You can find all of your stats in the VATSIM Statistics Centre. Go to your profile, and you'll be able to see a summary of your hours. For a more detailed view, scroll all to the bottom where it will show you when and on what callsign you gained those hours.
  8. Welcome to the network! You need something called "Model Matching" where the pilot client will be able to recognise what airline a certain aircraft is, and then place a livery from your files onto it. I'd recommend FLAi, which can be found here. They have a brilliant installation guide which can be found here. If you want to play about with your model matching rules or get an explanation as to how this work, checkout the vPilot documentation.
  9. VHF signal degradation! See the AFV guide here (section 5.3.2) that explains it, and section 5.3.3 gives you some scenarios and explains them using nice diagrams and graphics.
  10. In the UK AIP (ENR1.6, the conspicuity codes are defined as such; *7000 – VFR conspicuity code: when operating within United Kingdom airspace in accordance with VFR and have not received a specific instruction from ATS concerning the setting of the transponder. *2000 – IFR conspicuity code: when operating within United Kingdom airspace in accordance with IFR and have not received a specific instruction from ATS concerning the setting of the transponder. The UK differentiates between the conspicuity codes (something which, as far as I am aware, wasn't the case before February
  11. Perhaps try disabling the TCAS on xPilot, and see if that helps. Aware that this was an issue with the new TCAS system.
  12. With the new system, if you wish to continue through the ratings, then you are required to hold the previous rating before progressing onto the next. For example, to train for a P2 you are required to have a P1. To train for a P4, you are required to have all of the previous ratings; P1, P2 and P3. ATOs have the freedom to train for whichever ratings they want for, and they will continue to have that freedom. The extra step will be in ensuring that the member they are training already holds the previous ratings, as otherwise the ATO will not be allowed to give out the rating. I have taken a lo
  13. It would still probably get processed faster than Ryanair 😂
  14. He means noone is paid for this. Everyone does this for free, and the staff give up their time for free to help you.
  15. Changes may take up to 24 hours to propagate to every VATSIM service, unfortunately!
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