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  1. Ross, Just downloaded this latest version and it's safe to say that the .atclist command is no longer needed. Love the new way of doing things. I think this version can actually go public on the vPilot site.
  2. Also, a minor feature suggestion that isn't really necessary that I'd love to have: In ContactMe messages or in the .atclist dump, perhaps a feature can be added where enter on one of the options in the ATC list or contact me messages does the following: A: Immediately jumps to the command area with the .com1 filled in with the [Mod - Happy Thoughts]ociated frequency. B. Simply autotunes it. I know this would be pretty helpful when no ATC is online for your approach except the tower. Being able ti simply press enter on the tower option in the ATC list is a lot quicker than remembering th
  3. Hi Ross and all, I just have a few minor complaints thus far. When switching tabs, no matter if it's the messages tab or the notes tab, I don't like that focus immediately jumps to the command text box. I'd rather the focus simply stay on the tabs, and then we can tab or shift tab depending on what we want to view. If I were to go to the tab control from the notes tab which is selected and left arrow to the messages tab, focus immediately jumps to the command edit box where we have to shift tab to get to the read only messages. I haven't tried private messages yet, but I [Mod - Happy Thoug
  4. Hi Rick, Thanks for the link. I was hoping Juan would chime in here, because I see he's been logging in as of late. I sent him a PM but he probably doesn't check those. As far as contextual menus, in FSXSE, yeah they work for the simulator. I just wish there was a site that had textual charts, as I'd be stuck on Vatsim trying to figure out what the published altitudes and speed restrictions are for various Sids and Stars.
  5. Hi there, I'm another blind pilot here, curious to know if it's still possible to fly with any kind of realism. Now that Its your Plane is gone, I am not sure how to use FSX pilot effectively to get going. FSNavigator's successor, FSTramp, appears to be inaccessible, in that I'm not sure how to fly a flightplan once loaded. I got it loaded, but it's trial and error. Any details as to the best programs to use would be great for this.
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