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  1. A lot of people are having this issue right now. Most likely a server side issue. edit: I believe it’s been fixed now
  2. Well if anyone was wondering Connor did eventually join a VA with a Christian CEO (that was me 😜) edit: just saw the last reply was back from June.... whoops
  3. Frustratingly different if I may say so. Hopefully it gets fixed soon.
  4. As an S2 controller in CZVR I would see no issue with this request. However, as you mentioned procedures may vary from region to region. It’s also possible the controller didn’t fully understand your request as it’s not one that’s made very often. In fact, it may not even be covered in the S2 training material for said FIR. An alternative solution to this problem would be to file the flight as VFR first and then ask the terminal/enroute controller to switch your flight plan to IFR once you are airborne. To answer your question directly I don’t think either of you were wrong, but step
  5. I think Jonas is asking along the lines of both pilots being in the same room together and flying on one computer (so only one connection is necessary). To my knowledge there’s nothing wrong with that, however, the person who connects to the network on their account bears the responsibility of making sure the CoC is followed at all times and will be held responsible for any violations regardless of which pilot made the mistake.
  6. I’ll try and answer this question from the point of view of “what should I have done instead of disconnecting?” First thing would be to initiate a go-around. If the other aircraft also starts to go around then remember to offset your flight path to the right to avoid a collision. After you are sorted in your climb out, attempt to establish contact with the other traffic (again assuming the other traffic initiated a go around as well) and sort it out over UNICOM from there. The only difficult part of this whole thing would be to make the decision to go around as you have very little tim
  7. Typically speaking ATC won’t give you directs to fixes or waypoints that are not on your flight plan or SID/STAR. From there it’s just a matter of selecting that in the FMC/GPS. Even the default FSX GPS can do a direct to a waypoint so take a look and see if you can figure out how to do it on said aircraft without pausing for long (or even at all if you can help it). So when I fly into or out of an airport I’m not familiar with I always brief myself on the possible SIDs/STARs I could receive based on my flight plan (usually your first enroute waypoint for SIDs and your last enro
  8. In your example of the ATIS that is being published in real life it asks pilots to go read the NOTAMs. Unfortunately on VATSIM, as a controller, you can’t expect pilots to have access to or to read the NOTAMs for an airport they’re flying into/out of. However, if you were to insert the complete or the most relevant parts of the NOTAM into the ATIS I don’t see how it would break the CoC. Unless, of course, the NOTAM itself states something that goes directly against the CoC. You also can’t deny an aircraft service on the basis of a NOTAM unless it would impact the safety of another fli
  9. Keep in mind that if for whatever reason the controller is unable to give you a suitable approach (assuming it’s a legitimate and valid reason), you can also ask to divert to an alternate where such approaches are available or the weather is better. But as Rob already mentioned, the magic word is “unable” 😉 Cheers!
  10. So, Bill, how did you enforce rule A9? Just no observers allowed? Or did you allow people to watch given they were connected normally and had a valid flight plan filed? As to the update interval of the pilot clients, isn’t that supposed to be drastically improved in the very near future?
  11. I experienced much the same frustration when starting out with controlling. I wanted to control at my home airport CYVR but for some reason the system wasn’t allowing me to take the entrance exam. A few emails later I found out that I had for some reason signed up with the Seattle ARTCC when I first joined VATSIM and I had to transfer to the Vancouver FIR. Because I was also transferring between VATUSA and VATCAN it took almost a month to complete the transfer. The time it took for me to figure that out and get it sorted was the main cause of my frustration. But technically I should’ve known w
  12. Thanks Mats. The reason for posting this forum prior to trying to organise everything was to avoid that “huge fuzz” as much as possible. I’ll definitely reach out to Roger and see what can be organised.
  13. Personally this is how I see it as well but no need to get into an argument over it. As of right now I’m considering organising a fly-in, the airshow on joinfs offline, then a fly-out online after its over. I was (and still am) actually planning on asking these guys to perform. On that note does anyone know of other aerobatic teams on fsx/p3d/xplane? It doesn’t matter if they are on VATSIM cause the airshow will be performed offline. It also doesn’t just have to be fighter jets. Props, helis, commercial aircraft, and gliders are all a valid part of airshows. Also if anyone readi
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