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  1. (Disclaimer: I'm not a real-world pilot so this post is just from my understanding and research. I'm sure one or more of the many actual pilots on VATSIM will probably correct something or the other with my response.) Depends on if you were on a CAT I, CAT II, or CAT III ILS approach (not sure which ones Gatwick has). A CAT I is not suitable for autolanding and generally has a DA (decision altitude) of 200 feet, although it may be slightly different at various airports. If you don't see the runway by this altitude, you execute a go-around. If you see the runway you disconnect the AP and h
  2. Q1: take a look in these forums for that issue and solutions. Example: This seems like it’s a fairly common problem for whatever reason. Which pilot client are you using by the way? Q2: You should be familiar with the aircraft you are flying before taking it on VATSIM. You don’t need to be an expert but you should know the basics of flying it and getting your aircraft from point A to point B. Which aircraft are you flying? As to mic fright, that’s totally normal and the best way to get over it is to just jump in. Before you know it you’ll be a pro. I’d recommend finding a
  3. Could you not have a comms failure on VATSIM? I don't seem to recall any rule that prohibits it. Yeah it would be very rare to lose 2 or 3 radios irl but maybe your random failure generator just had a really bad day😛
  4. Oh that’s really weird. Make sure both radios are on in your aircraft too. It definitely works in msfs though because I’ve used it before. I wonder if the FBW mod has broke it somehow?
  5. My apologies the command is: ".com both"
  6. I don't think MSFS can receive through both radios at once at the moment. Try tuning 122.80 into both radios as already suggested then type ".both" (without the quotations) into the vpilot text area (and press enter). That should allow you to receive on both COMs.
  7. Take a look at "unreal weather". It's a free addon that does a great job inserting accurate METAR. Only thing is it doesn't do winds aloft (at the moment). https://unrealweather.blogspot.com/
  8. At the end of the day we're gonna have to agree to disagree on this. I think a survey is fine to ask people to do, and you don't and not much is gonna change how we see this. Some of us have voiced our opinions on both sides and now it is ultimately up to the BoG to decide on what they want to do here. No one is saying to get rid of /t, but rather reduce it where possible. This is one of the places it can't be reduced and as a controller I'm more than happy to accommodate a text pilot in this category. These points have already been brought up in more detail multiple times thro
  9. I don't for sure, but I do recognize almost all the names that have posted in here and I know that they use voice. Also note my full quote started with "From what I remember," so I could definitely be wrong (and if I am feel free to correct me). Also if you go back to page 1, you'll see I specifically asked if anyone looking at this forum was a text only pilot who could shed some light on the reasons for not using /r or /v. So far, no one has directly responded to that.
  10. Yes, but which is it primarily (or is there maybe another primary reason), why is that the primary reason, and how can we lessen people using text because of that reason? Yes I do. From what I remember in these 6 pages, we haven't heard from a single user who is always text only. Even if we have 99% of the reasons, wouldn't ignoring that final 1% be just as bad as getting rid of text entirely (since we're sincerely trying to include everyone)? First of all, (to be blunt) I don't know how someone could feel offended by a poll as both myself and others have already stated.
  11. Well I was trying to stay out of this debate for as long as possible but I feel like I need to throw my 2 cents in here. I really don't see how sending out a general and anonymous survey is labeling anyone. For example, Navigraph has a huge survey every year and they ask for people's average income. Just because someone has a lower income doesn't mean that that question is targeting them in any way. I think we can all agree that we want as many people on voice as possible and as few on text as physically possible without excluding everyone. I think a survey like this is a great idea and i
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