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  1. Although Matt somewhat alluded to this in his response, I think this is the core of the question he's asking that wasn't fully answered. I don't think Ryan meant to call VATSIM staff "lazy" or to say they are incompetent at controlling/flying/performing their duties in any way, but rather asked an honest question about how they are kept in check.
  2. no red arrows, although the vRAF did do a performance.
  3. So it just finished but there were some minor issues with me forgetting to keep the recording once the stream was done lol. But we have the raw footage from the various cameras so I'll be editing that today and trying to put together a youtube video to replace the stream. Stay tuned for the link.
  4. Less than 24 hours to go! Here is the official schedule of operations for the day: As a reminder, the announcements and music will be streamed in our discord server (I've linked it multiple times in the posts above) and to a youtube stream as well (this will be ONLY audio, not video)(https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCXRLbufD85Bctim1ayWp3MA). If you can't connect to VATSIM and watch it live there, a stream will be provided on Twitch with both the video and announcements (https://twitch.tv/abbotsfordvirtualairshow). See you all at 18z tomorrow!
  5. while it may technically be ok to say that as per the FAA, I would avoid using whole tens apart from ten and twenty (e.g. thirty, forty, seventy, etc.) whenever possible as these can very easily be confused with the -teens (thirteen, fourteen, seventeen, etc.).
  6. You mean class B? Cause to my knowledge no airports exist within class A airspace, at least inside North America (I could be very wrong about this when it comes to other parts of the world though).
  7. Pilot/Spectator briefing is now available! https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/819317339618279456/861094236156723200/AVA2021_Spectator_Briefing_v1.0.pdf
  8. Yes and no. Swift’s model matching (yeah for the best experience you’ll have to use SWIFT but that’s more for bypassing the network’s current latency) is pretty consistent so as long as you have the model or a similar model it should draw out the static display pretty accurately. The issue of having the model is more a problem for xplane users as it seems like the current csl files aren’t too extensive. There’s tons of models for fsx and p3d so I don’t anticipate much of an issue there, especially if we publish recommended models to download (which is planned to go into the spectator brie
  9. 10 days to go! The lineup includes 6 organizations, 10+ individual performances, and 3 hours of fun-filled action. We can't wait to see you all there. Expect the pilot/spectator briefing to be published sometime very soon over the next couple days. An airshow isn't really an airshow without the static displays! Do you have an interesting aircraft you want to show off to the world? Space is limited, sign up here: https://forms.gle/XiFEEukDafZmLMWQ8 We're still looking for a couple of announcers to join our team. PM me, join the discord (https://discord.gg/BCCvX5PJHj), or fill out the
  10. The startup clearance is also more important for larger aircraft as their jet blast (or prop wash) can extend far behind the aircraft onto, say a taxiway where a poor C152 might be crossing. This effect can be further magnified if the larger aircraft is doing a cross-bleed start where it often involves spooling up the running engine a significant amount to get the bleed air pressure necessary to start the opposite engine. The prop wash from something small starting up (like a C172) is unlikely to cause much danger/damage to other aircraft or secured objects behind the aircraft.
  11. Also something that’s worth adding is that multiple ATISes actually DECREASES congestion on a frequency as it removes the need for a controller to provide weather for an airport where as of right now they can’t provide an ATIS for.
  12. I don’t see how Gerardo’s suggestion is any different from the current exception granted to controllers for an ATIS. edit: lol Gerardo beat me to it by a couple seconds Also I agree with Gerardo. It would be neat to see this rule revised for and a version of vATIS put out to allow for multiple ATIS’s. That is, unless there is a clear reason to NOT have this rule changed that I’m just not thinking of.
  13. Hey Carlos! It’s definitely something that hasn’t been done in a while on VATSIM. I’m really stoked about VATSIM Velocity too and hopefully it’s out by the time of the show. But if it isn’t, we plan to use SWIFT’s “fast updates” option which allows anyone connected to VATSIM through SWIFT to see the show with almost no latency instead of the current 5 second latency.
  14. [Mod removed] Anyways Marcus, fantastic tool! If I could throw a suggestion at you: It would be cool to see a feature where one could see the top airports/airlines/aircraft from each previous 24 hour period or maybe from each previous week period in addition to since the beginning of the year.
  15. 3 updates: 1. The event is now officially posted to my.vatsim.net/events. The show will start at 1800 zulu and run until 2100 zulu. 2. The CZVR FIR will hold a fly-in at 1700 zulu until the start of the show and then a fly-out after the show until 2200 zulu. 3. Running an airshow is no small task! We're looking to add a few more members to our crew to help with the media/production side of things. If you're interested you can apply here: https://forms.gle/dakVQPBXunm6d3mP6
  16. I don't know if skipping a Sabres game counts as time missed 😜
  17. It’s one of those things, in my opinion, that you learn with time and experience. Those callsigns are what ATC logs on with and I can imagine the programming nightmare it would be to find out every possible log-on and change all that or convert it to “pilot friendly” names. Then you also need to consider the fact that the ATC callsign can change depending on what other controllers are online (e.g. CYVR_APP is “Vancouver Terminal” until CYVR_DEP is also online in which case CYVR_APP then becomes “Vancouver Arrival”). Sometimes letters or numbers can be appended to the callsigns and could mean d
  18. Yeah that's a big one. Confirmation bias can (and in real life, has been) deadly in aviation.
  19. Unfortunately these days that’s what needs to be asked. Watching the news for 10 minutes should tell you that. Some people will do or say anything for attention (not by any means saying the OP of this thread is doing that) and so we need to look at the evidence to back up their claim. There is really a big difference if someone joins the network and starts complaining that someone called them sir after flying for 25 minutes, versus someone who has actively participated on the network for an extended period of time and has found a deeper issue that needs to be addressed. I don’t think anyone is
  20. It also depends on the phase of the flight you're in. If you're being vectored onto the ILS, or on short final, or have just been given takeoff clearance, those are times where it is better to disconnect rather than step away while remaining connected to the network for any extended interruptions. When you're up at cruise and crossing a large portion of airspace without ATC or with minimal ATC contact (e.g. the Atlantic on a normal VATSIM day), that's the time where you can step away for up to 30 minutes, although I always try and stick to within hearing range of my computer so I can hear if A
  21. Not sure what the policy is on posting in English on the forums are but here's what google translate came out with to save the non-portugese speakers a few minutes of their time: Anyways, to answer the question (in English), it really depends on what kind of aircraft or flight you're flying and where you're flying. I'd recommend reading through the excellent pages in the pilot learning center (https://vats.im/plc). This section deals with your specific question: https://my.vatsim.net/learn/vatsim-basics/section/112
  22. If someone specifically asks for me to refer to them in a certain way, then fine, I can do that no problem. But if we're asking people to read between the lines and think if about each transmission and whether or not it might have the off chance of upsetting or offending someone somewhere before we say it, it ruins the purpose (and fun) of flying on VATSIM in the first place. With maybe the exclusion of the current policies on name changes, VATSIM is already extremely inclusive in its policies. We have pilots from basically every age, background, country, race, religion, gender, sexuality, bli
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