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  1. Well it is very odd that when the planes file their plan twice, that they show up. another thing i notices was that i am receiving strips for the arrival, just not guys on the ground.
  2. Ok so it appears it is still not working as i wanted it to, maybe you can get a better insight or take a look your self if i send you our facility files here? https://minniecenter.org/uploads/M98%20vSTARS.zip there are 2 facilities in that ZIP file, neither of them work with both auto add options set in the settings and the facility window also is set up under airports KMSP is showing tower list 1. Not sure what could be causing the issue. EDIT: If it matters, when the pilot files the plan the second time, it then sends me the strip just tested this at another facility as OBS and it did
  3. Ok looks like I fixed the problem, the planes were showing altitudes higher than the elevation set in the airports XML file so i just turned up the elevation and problem solved! Thanks Ross
  4. Checked the lat lon in the airports XML file, the planes re not more than 3 miles from there, but would the elevation matter at all? It is correct but if planes are on other scenery I'm wondering if that matters. Also. Yes both boxes are checked. But I thought of something, what defines a primary airport in the config files? How does it know? Also tried adding a separator with the departure airport but that didn'work either.
  5. Any ideas? Is there something in our facility file that could be causing this problem or is this something in vSTARS? It would be nice to be able to get the strips pop up in the flight strip bay when a plan is filed.
  6. Working TWR when a plane files a flight plan on the ground, their strip does not show up until i either [Mod - Happy Thoughts]ign a squawk code or amend their flight plan, i have the setting in the settings configured to auto add departure strips and also have seperators with the departure airport set up correctly. Could this be a bug with vSTARS? BTW i'm using beta 1.1.7
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