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  1. Hi Andreas Looks like that fixed the problem with my ZIBO-Mod aircraft. Ian PS I have audio but the audio light on the GUI is not on. Is there a problem, or forget it? Thanks Again
  2. HI Andreas There is an error message that pops up and indicates the problem that you just said. Is there a video of yours that explains how to add the B738-800 ZIBO-Mod to the list? Ian
  3. Hi Andreas I reinstalled the Blue Bells aircraft and followed your YouTube video on the installation again. Looks like everything is back working again. Thanks so much for taking the time to explain it. I will monitor it and let you known if there is a problem in the future. Ian R.
  4. Hi Andreas Not sure how to start the private message. Does your I.D. number go in the box at the top of the Private message? Ian R.
  5. HI Again, Andreas I did what you suggested in downloading and installing the latest Swift installer & swiftBus. Maybe I need to uninstall Swift and try again. The program is not working the way it should be. I am in Ontario Canada near Toronto CYYZ and it looks like from the ATC & Aircraft displayed in Swift, I am somewhere in Europe? Can you [Mod - Happy Thoughts]ist me in Deleting all the Swift files, and start again. It's too bad I am unable to send you screen shots of the file directories. Ian R.
  6. Hi Andreas Like I said new, to this installed Swift and having interesting time setting it up. The connection to VatSim is working. I am able to see aircraft, listen to ATC etc. at Toronto CYYZ. I was just wondering if my name would be visible on the user tab when connected. Lights on:Network, Simulator, Mapper Ready, & Audio. Not DBus Also the server tab voice server is https://voice1.vatsim.uk and AfV map URL is https://afv-map.vatsim.net/ Not sure why I am in the UK... Was trying to send a screenshot, but is not working??? I spend more time fiddling then learning to fly.
  7. I am new to X-Plane and VatSim. After connecting to VatSim with swift, I was wondering if my login information would show up in the USER tab. My login is not visible. Ian R.
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