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  1. Congrats Pierre! Let's cheer for a close cooperation between the French and Belgians!
  2. Not sure what that means, I'm no tech guy Though while browsing through the files on Github, I did see quite a few lines of code about the RDF.
  3. Hi everyone I'd like to hear what controllers think of an RDF in Euroscope. If you don't know what it is; here's a brief explanation: "Radio Direction Finder (RDF) [Mod - Happy Thoughts]ists the controllers in rapidly identifying which aircraft is transmitting on the frequency. " [EUROCONTROL] It addresses, for controllers, an important problem: the voice codec. Gone are the days asking to repeat the callsigns! Photo: https://www.eurocontrol.int/sites/default/files/illustration/pr-rdf-transmission-aircraft-clearly-identified.png In action video: I personally think su
  4. Hey guys I'm trying to setup my second laptop to run obs and a capture my scope during busy events where my own laptop can't take all that data. This is the situation: I use my primary laptop to control and use a second laptop to capture the control session using a proxy connection within Euroscope. The problem is that Euroscope disables voice related functions on the secondary laptop with a proxy connection. "The secondary instance will not be able to produce any voice related functionality (and it is blocked by EursoScope). Therefore, always use the primary EuroScope instance f
  5. Hey Guys What is up with these strange pages on the Euroscope wiki? Pages like these: http://www.euroscope.hu/mediawiki/index.php?title=California_Couple_Who_Held_13_Children_Captive_Due_In_Court http://www.euroscope.hu/mediawiki/index.php?title=Why_Males_Love_Women_Who_Put_On_Lingerie http://www.euroscope.hu/mediawiki/index.php?title=Safer_Sex_Menu http://www.euroscope.hu/mediawiki/index.php?title=Millions_Of_Tesla_Cars_Will_Help_Improve_Autonomous_Tech http://www.euroscope.hu/mediawiki/index.php?title=Attractive_Gifts_Under_100_That_Can_Please_Your_Tech-Savvy_Son http://www.eurosc
  6. I use VCA, vSMR & Topsky. But I don't think they may play a role though.
  7. Correction: It completely removes the background but I only want the background there when I hover over the tag. untagged: off tagged: off detailed: on
  8. Thanks for the reply. It sadly doesn't change it since the tags keeps the black background.
  9. Hi! I wanted to use the new r17 beta from Euroscope but the TAG background is black. I used to have a transparent tag, just until I hovered over the tag where it would give me a black background(detailed). Though with this update I continuously have the black background, not matter if the tag is detailed, tagged or untagged. The *new* "transparent TAG background setting is checked yet it stays there with a background. Any ideas on how to revert it back to the *normal* settings? http://prntscr.com/l8agdv (good tag v3.2) http://prntscr.com/l8aghx (normal settings v3.2) http:/
  10. -Go to voice communication setup -press new -name: unicom frequency 122.8 server can be any (my uk2.voice.vatsim.net worked) channel unicom -press modify -enable rcv txt I just had a sup telling me not to use it for broadcasting getting online.
  11. 1) Don't make pilots make test because it will hold them back from joining. Instead, give controllers the ability to "rate" bad pilots, if they have no clue of what they're doing, and thus get rated by different controllers, THEN make them do a test. 2) Have a more even balance over traffic across America & Europe. There are a few airports that hat always have a lot of traffic, even without ATC, and there are with none, although ATC is online. 3) Encourage pilots to fly to/from airports with ATC, it's a vicious circle: Pilots don't fly to certain airports because there is no A
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