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  1. Although I am not using it for ATC work but as a bank of switches for aircraft it might be interesting fo ATC staff who need to have a quick way of switching between things as you can map it to keyboard commands. THere is a software version for x-plane to use to set the switches for aircraft and the manual that PI engineering have with their software development kit could mean being able to have an ATC scope and then press any of 80 keys to change what you are doing
  2. Hello , As a VATSIM VASOPS AUDITOR , i was working on the possibility to semi-automate the data verification I do. Many virtual airlines send me lists of the pilots and the VATSIM PID codes and at present I am working from a spreadsheet each time. I want to load the data into an MYSQL table and read each record in turn and p[Mod - Happy Thoughts] the call in PHP to goto the stats data and then I can make my audit test easier and quicker I am ok with the calling process but it asks me to log-in but it does not take my login. K need perhaps some help on this if possible here is m
  3. Please join us on our next Fly-In which is also our first official VATSIM Fly-In Event! Our April Fly-In event will take place on Saturday April 27th 2019 at 1500z. We will be flying from FAOR (Johannesburg, RSA) to FALE (Durban, RSA). As this is an offical VATSIM Event (the first for Alliance), we expect to have full ATC coverage for the entire flight. This is open to ALL VATSIM Pilots, not just AXX Pilots, so we're hoping for a good turnout. Details When: Saturday April 27th 2019, 1500z (convert to your local time here) Area: South Africa ACARS Flight #: FLY194 Flight Type: IF
  4. I am checking the VATSIM flying records of our Virtual Airline Pilots and have come across something that is hard to explain as I do not know the criteria behind the data. This is the data on VATSTAT but i was wondering in general on here if anybody has a logical answer. We are an X-PLANE Virtual Airline pilots connect with XSQUAWKBOX . The problem is that one pilot has pointed out and I have checked flight a has a departure and arrival time flight b has only a departure time but no arrival time however looking at the detailed log for each flight both had entries where the groundspe
  5. ALLIANCE AIRWAYS is proud to announce that it has become a VA Partner Airline. We fly around the world and have many routes in your area. We are a friendly airline and our motto is "Enhance the X-Plane Experience."
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