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  1. I dont know if this has been suggested before, and i know that vatsim is run by volunteers so this may be hard to do, but i was thinking VATSIM could do some sort of event recognition, so when a pilot does an event, for example a fly-in or real-ops event etc. the pilot would get some recognition, for example some rating, or a p[Mod - Happy Thoughts]port kinda thing on their profile which other members can see and compare to see what events everyone has done. Let me know on your opinions
  2. Ok thankyou, we will try this at some point
  3. I am looking to do some flying with a friend but we wont be using shared cockpit as we both want to use PMDG and cant get shared cockpit working, therefore we will be doing a sort of group flight and just following each other to our destination. I wanted to know if there was anything specific we need to do in our flight plans or whether we needed to let controllers know of our group flight intentions when on Vatsim. Any other help on this would be greatly appreciated, Thanks!
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