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  1. Hello, While controlling today (ATL CTR), many bordering sectors were online. CLE and JAX CTR were both on, and I could see them. BHM and ATL APP were both on below me, and I couldn't see them. When I handed off an aircraft using the common sector ID, it worked fine, and they received the aircraft. Why do they not appear in my controller list? I have changed nothing at all in my CTRL + F menu, nor in my CTRL + S menu. The same thing occurred when I controlled IND CTR this morning, I had the same problems only seeing about 1/2 of the controllers that were actually logged on. Thanks fo
  2. While trying to use vATIS for KBHM Birmingham, it was unable to get the VATSIM METAR. I was able to select the runway config and letter but no weather was pulled. https://prnt.sc/oajsf8
  3. Yeah, my microphone works. I remember this happening to me before. I think VATSIM servers might have messed up. I did try reconnecting though, maybe I should try another server if it happens to me again. I use USA-E
  4. https://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/forums/topic/117110-xsquawkbox-mic-not-transmitting/ I did the audio setup, I could hear myself. When I contacted clearance they heard me, ground heard me, but then after a few more frequencies they could not hear me. I saw the hot mic indicator come on when I was trying to transmit. I asked via text if they heard me, but they did not. Please help, I really wanna fly!
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