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  1. ive tried the -72 in the client and its still ear-piercing...happens both when i fly on vpilot 2.6.7 and on the stand alone AFV 1.8.1 for when im using VRC. Its happening more and more frequently.
  2. how could someone else have filed with that callsign or connect as it if i was already connected as it? XD
  3. I was yes. i changed callsigns (which bugs be cause its not the correct one for the flight) and it magically worked
  4. Reynolds Price

    Flt Pln

    Anyone else having an issue where vPilot wont file their Flt Pln? Its really bugging me and getting on my nerves. ATC wont get it, doesnt show on VATSPY, and PreFile attempt fails. WTH is going on??
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