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  1. Is the (REST?) API for this freely accessible?
  2. Would it be possible for data regarding all of the frequencies tuned by an aircraft to be added to the Status API? I've noticed that the AFV Map already has access to this data, so am I missing something?
  3. I'm also having this issue. Whenever the return will include the user's current connection, the API returns error 500. The main time I encounter this problem is when I attempt to pull all of a user's stats in one go. A workaround is to specifically request a position which the user is not currently connected to, which works fine. However, there is no way to see what someone is currently connected as (except through the status API, which does not sort/filter by CID).
  4. Solved. It turns out that putting a colon in my sector file name wasn't wise. Since the servers use a colon-delimited data format, my sector file was reading as entries (instead of just 1), meaning that the response had 1 too many entries, which caused an error. The server's way of handling that particular error appears to be booting me off without an error message (or maybe there was just an unhandled exception, logged server-side only?)
  5. I started experiencing an issue when connecting to VATSIM, today. Running v3.2a(r22), when I attempted to connect to VATSIM, EuroScope connected, then immediately disconnected (in the fashion it does when attempting to log in with a duplicate callsign or invalid login details). However, the only server message was the standard "Welcome to VATSIM", with no error or other information given. Likewise, EuroScope's internal message box did not contain any information and no errors appeared. Nothing changed between my last successful connection (EGKK_F_APP, last night) and this one. I initially
  6. Just to confirm, have you installed both the x86 and x64 packages?
  7. Can you just verify that you have the Visual Studio 2015, 2017, 2019 redistributable (x86/x64) installed? It can be found here: https://support.microsoft.com/en-gb/help/2977003/the-latest-supported-visual-c-downloads
  8. Yep, the airports.txt is open for contributions. Bear in mind that due to how VATGlasses is designed, any new airports need to be added to the end, rather than put into numbering gaps. I'll take a look at the character set issues and get back to you. Sounds more like an issue with the parser than with VATGlasses, itself.
  9. Version 1.2 of the Euroscope Sector File Parser has now been released and is available through the GitHub repository. Changelog: Fixed bug which could cause crashes in locales which do not use the “full stop” (.) as the decimal separator. A big thank you to @Adrian Bjerke for reporting the issue and working with me for several weeks as I tried to solve the errors which he was experiencing.
  10. Version has now been released and is available at the website. This version contains major bug fixes. Changelog: Removed unnecessary requirement for users to be running Windows 10 Build 10240 or higher. Any computer running Windows 7 or higher is now supported. Fixed bug which could cause crashes in locales which do not use the “full stop” (.) as the decimal separator. Thank you to @Torben Andersen and @Andrew Crowley 1326167 for reporting that Windows prevented their systems from running VATGlasses. (Fix 1) A big thank you also to @Adrian Bjerke for reporti
  11. Hi Torben, I found the offending setting, which unnecessarily set the minimum OS to Windows 10 build 10240. The next release will contain a fix to allow Windows 7 and 8.1 users to run VATGlasses.
  12. Aha! I have an idea of what may be happening. Just to confirm, do you use a comma (,) or a full stop/period (.) as the decimal separator, in Norway? For example, would the result of 21 divided by 2 be 10,5 or 10.5?
  13. Hi Torben, What version of VATGlasses have you got installed? Do you get any error messages when you try to run it?
  14. The data file updater in had some issues which caused it to crash on every use. Could you please retry with
  15. Version has now been released and is available at the website. This version contains major bug fixes and new features. Changelog: New Features: Implemented advanced sector filtering, based on altitude and owning (logon) callsign. Implemented advanced pilot filtering based on altitude and departure/arrival airport. Alterations: Changed search/filter buttons to image buttons. Altered behaviour when attempting to open multiple instances of a single dialogue box. Removed silent crash behaviou
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