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  1. The page at community.vatsim.net isn't working for me. The page loads with the "Get started" and "About Discord" buttons, I click the former, enter my VATSIM credentials and log in, and it just brings me back to the same page with the same two buttons. At this point, no matter how many times I click "Get started", all it does is think for a moment then reload the page, it never brings up Discord.
  2. Okay, I can kinda see it for programs intended to only be used by a single user on a multi-user computer. Kinda. It still strikes me as a sub-optimal solution, but since I rarely use multi-user computers and almost never run into an "I only want one specific user to have access to this program" situation, no others come to mind quickly. To me, /appdata/ is for storing users' personal settings, not the program itself. For permissions, if a program needs permissions it won't have in /Program Files/, just make the default install location somewhere else (e.g., C:\vERAM\). And, for refe
  3. Just curious why the default install path is in /appdata/. Programs should never be installed to /appdata/.
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