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  1. Okay! But what if I need flight following? Do I tune to approach for that?
  2. Flying VFR, head to the north. ATC tells me "frequency change approved." Which frequency do I change to, approach, advisory, or what?
  3. I've been using a website that files my flight plan for me but for some reason the server for it seems to ALWAYS be busy. So I can't get a flight plan and I'm forced to use the FSX planner. Any body have any other websites they can recommend? The site I used was onlineflightplanner.org
  4. Makes a ton of sense now. Where can I, however, find a chart or something like this to show what ARTCC an airport is under?
  5. I was planing on flying to Cleveland, and hopped on. Cleveland Center was online, so from my memory you're supposed to go to whoever is on higher up the tier if ground, tower, etc. isn't on. So, I went to them. Asked if there was any ATIS, and he said no and followed that with "frequency change approved." I had an IFR flighplan filed. Does this mean that I need to let him know I have a flightplan from Columbus to Cleveland or does it mean I need to find another frequency to get clearance?
  6. Question 1: I have a friend interested in joining me for a few VATSIM flights. I've never done a shared cockpit flight before, can I get some help and pointers? Question 2: Lets say I'm taking off a runway and told to fly runway heading. After a bit tower or departure tells me to fly direct to a waypoint on my GPS. How to I fly direct to a waypoint WITHOUT cancellation of my flight plan?
  7. I'm wanting to do some IFR flying, it's been quite a while! However, for SIDs and STARs, if I file a flight plan through an external website and allow SIDs and STARs, will they be plugged into my GPS? If so, and I take off and ATC tells me to fly runway heading and then tells me to turn direct "X" waypoint, how can I do that? Thats the main part of this question, because I've had to do that multiple times and trying to get the autopilot to head direct to a waypoint... let's just say I haven't the slightest clue how to.
  8. I'm still quite a noobie for VATSIM, and I was wondering if there was anybody here willing to do a shared cockpit flight with me to help me get some practice in?
  9. Thanks for the help guys, appreciate it! Still got one question though, can I still request ATC to vector me through the SID?
  10. Say for instance, my flight plan is KLAX CYYC GMN4 EHF LLC REO J537 ONEAL VUCAN THIRD3. As a beginning pilot, I understand that GMN4 will be the departure, EHF intersection then as filed. However, do I need to fly this manually, using the GPS, or will ATC guide me through this with vectors?
  11. First flight. Using vPilot and VATSpy, I hopped onto VATSIM for an IFR from Columbus to Cleveland. Got things up and running, contacted ATC, they said my flight plan was filed, taxied out. When I got into the air, they told me to follow the flight plan. "I thought I was...?" i said to ATC. As it turns out, it doesn't load the flight plan into the default GPS. Does this mean that I have to plan it out somewhere else, put it into vPilot or on the VATSIM website, THEN export it as a .pln file for FSX, load it in, set it as the flight plan in Free Flight, then set starting location as GA or Gate,
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