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  1. I'm just an end user, but I am amazed at the ignorance of breaking every second client and leaving people wondering what the hell is going on. What happened to "if its not broken - don't fix it!". My map viewer of choice is https://afv-map.vatsim.net/ (is it just me, or is that an official Vatsim url?) Guess it should be working then? Guess again... Ok, lets try VatMap on my iPhone. Dead. VATSpy on PC? Dead. Googled, got this. Still frustrated.
  2. Rather late than never, but I highly encourage joining a VATSim Training Acadamy and get your P1 rating. You probably have since, but for other newbies reading this thread.
  3. Much looking forward to this! Hard to type when you're in VR...
  4. This has probably been asked before, but... As a VR pilot it would help me immensely if Unicom 122.8 had voice support.
  5. I hope voice is still in the works. I fly in VR and it is almost impossible to use 122.8 as I can't see my keyboard.
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