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  1. Since returning from my hiatous, I have been met with some relatively snarky attitudes both online and here on the forums. Each time I have written it off as "one time = no time", ie. sh*t happens sometimes and is best ignored. However, over the last couple of days I took part in a thread I started regarding problems with flightplan filing. Turned out it was user error on my part. But before I could even confirm this I was 1) repeatedly met with a quite snarky attitude, 2) had my topic closed for no apparent reason. Even better, "Matthew" who seems to be an VATSIM team member cannot
  2. Well, yes. If it is user error on my part I will correct it. If it is a VATSIM related issue I will provide you with more info. Isn't that a good approach? Why the snarky attitude?
  3. Yes, I see three possible causes here: 1. User error. I did not correctly enter a callsign in the aircraft info on Simbrief 2. Simbrief doesn't correctly autofill the callsign from the aircraft in the fleet 3. Simbrief passes the wrong callsign to VATSIM I think the least likely now is a remote #4; that VATSIM reacts incorrectly to the passed parameters or something goes wrong in the filing process. Which is why I asked Andreas to wait a bit.
  4. Andreas, I did understand exactly what you meant. I am not ignorant. As mentioned, the flightplan was indeed filed with the incorrect callsign - that was obvious to me at first glance. So I do not require more help at this point, nor do I think you need to look into this more right now. Once I have more info regarding what might be going on, I will indeed pass it to you. That will likely be tonight.
  5. I am filing through Simbrief, and it directs to this URL: https://my.vatsim.net/pilots/flightplan? ... and the flightplan parameters as passed arguments. However, on closer inspection it IS sending off the incorrect callsign. So you are correct, at this point in time it looks more like a Simbrief problem than a VATSIM one. I will investigate further tonight. Thank you!
  6. Ok, so that is what I have been doing wrong! I have relied on the "live" weather in MSFS matching the ATIS on VATSIM, but have suspected that it doesn't. Two times I have been asked to check my QNH and I have done so and it have been set correctly. I was likely still deviating from my assigned alt. Did not know about the B keyboard command, so I will use that from now on to avoid confusion. Thanks! 🙂
  7. Hi, I have had the same problem occur now on a few different occasions: - I create a FP using Simbrief - Use the prefile button on Simbrief, which directs me to VATSIM where I adjust and hit prefile. Get the "Flightplan filed. Enjoy your flight!" message. - Launch the sim and vPilot and hit "fetch flighplan". This gives me the response "No Flightplan was found on the server". Filing manually through vPilot works. Also, I have had prefiling work previously, but currently it feels like it is a 50% probability of it working. These are no overly complex or long plans. To t
  8. Thank you for the reply! Well, my intent is not to complain regarding the events themselves or to hang someone out to dry. It was intended more as a general question: Have I just been unlucky, or is cold controller attitudes a thing? And if it is, maybe that is how VATSIM in general intends it to be? I am guessing some may think that controllers *should* be short, factual and cold.
  9. Sorry - I recieved server errors while posting this and no visible confirmation that it actually got posted. Mods - please delete the duplicates?
  10. Greetings, I have been flying a week or so recently after a hiatus spanning several years. So I have a couple of questions regarding primarily controller attitudes. During this recent period I have been surprised to find that more controllers than expected come across as quite cold and unfriendly. I get that some RL come across that way as well and it can possible be perceived as how a controller “should” act. However, we all do this to enjoy ourselves so I don’t quite see the point of the behavior. I mean, if you’re not having fun and enjoying talking to others, why control in
  11. Thanks for all the comments! I would guess the respons I received was due to inexperience on the part of the controller. He was friendly and helpful though and after my refile did not really kick in (not sure why, plan was still listing as IFR for him) he manually changed it to VFR and I could fly as I intended. Turned out I did not need the IFR. But for the future I now feel more confident that I can indeed file an IFR flight plan but chose not to pick it up and instead depart VFR. What I am a bit unsure about still is whether I should fetch the flight plan in the client, or le
  12. Hi, Just wanted to check who was "right" in the below situation: I did my first flight in a long time tonight (CEST) , and planned to leave LOWI (which was under ATC control, TWR). I had filed an IFR since I was unsure about how the clouds would develop, but intended to depart VFR. I contacted TWR, declared intentions to depart VFR and requested taxi, but got the reply that I had filed an IFR and had to fly IFR. I stated my intention to pick up the IFR in air but that was declined. I had to refile the plan as VFR before cleared. I have not begun my IRL PPL training yet, so
  13. +3 Would also like some very short pointers. Thanks in advance!
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