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  1. I completely agree, but now at least 4 of the airports in ZAU have ASDE-X in use. Exploring multiple sector files is a good thought though. Thank you!
  2. Ross - I hope you read this one! Our ARTCC (ZAU) is in the process of a complete SCT2 file re-write. O'Hare was/is constantly "turned on" when the sector file loads. In our previous sector file, so the smaller airports (cl[Mod - Happy Thoughts] C/D) would be invisible unless needed, all of the airports except KORD were drawn as paths only (no regions polygons except for KORD), and could be turned on and off as a subsection in the [sTARS] diagrams. Now in the new file, I want to use [REGIONS] data for the smaller airports, but it seems I cannot create a nested [REGIONS] in the in subsectio
  3. I have had no luck whatsoever using AutoCAD to draw regions. When I try to convert from a drawing to a sector file, none of the coordinates match up. It seems like the only way to go is using Google Earth Pro polygons for your regions, and even after saving as a KML file and converting with KML2SCT.exe, there is a LOT of hand-formatting of the regions area within the .sct2 file. I'm seriously thinking about making a YouTube video on drawing an airport in Google Earth, inserting regions, inserting static text, etc. The sector file we use in ZAU (now undergoing heavy updates and starting fro
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