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  1. Going back to the original topic of this thread... Perhaps VRC is different - the default contact me message for us on EuroScope is "Please contact me on xxx.xx". This seems perfectly welcoming to me. As this thread has more than highlighted, there will always be pilots for which observer mode is more suited - for the rest of us, controllers are there to control, and most pilots seem perfectly pleased with that. After all, we don't prefix every turn or descent with "please", do we
  2. I doubt this would work - if I log on as ABC123 flying KLAX-EGLL, and someone else logs on as ABC123 flying OMDB-EGLL, that's going to create a significant headache for Heathrow when they have 2 ABC123s.
  3. Whenever I try to visit the wiki it loads for ages and I get the page below. Does anyone know what happened to it? I understand that it's Christmas so if the systems person is just on holiday or something then that is fine. Merry Christmas by the way
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